Mac Mate – The best Mac Cloud Storage Service:

If you are a Mac user than I surely understand how much important a Mac Cloud service is for you, and this is because crashing of hard disk or any kind of accident can happen at any time and there is nothing you can do about it.
If you haven’t backed up your data online over Mac Cloud storage then you are surely going to suffer big time.
In order to avoid any such mishap to occur than all you have to do is to go with a reliable Mac cloud storage service.
Mac Mate is known to be one of the best cloud storage services that are especially designed for Mac systems, hence allowing you to make the most out of it in the best possible manner.
When you choose to go with Mac Mate, you have a huge variety of different packages to select from. Here is a list of different packages that you can choose to go with of Mac Mate:
Mac Mate – Disk:
Mac Mate Disk is known to be one of the best Mac cloud storage for people who are looking for reliable cloud storage for residential purposes.
It is small, easy to handle and easy to use and is just about right to handle all your pictures, videos etc in the best possible manner.
When you go with this basic plan you will be allowed 1 email to use with it followed by the feature of calendar, while you will be given full authority to when it comes to file sharing.
Mac Mate – Classic:
If you are looking forward towards even more space and a whole lot than usual, than all you have to do is to go with this Classic package, as it offers you with more space as compared to anyone else!
With this classic package, you will be getting 10Gb of cloud storage which is surely perfect for small businesses as well as for residential purposes.
You will also be offered with Galleries, 1 Email and calendars followed by Full File sharing, hence allowing you to make the most out of it in the best possible manner.
Mac Mate – Pro:
Just as the name suggests, it is a professional package which is designed for business professionals and for developers and designers that needs more space in order to make the most out of it.
Mac Mate Pro offers you with 25GB of data, which is surely perfect to fulfill your utmost needs. Besides that, it is also perfect for Hosting and for other things.
Besides that you will also be offered with 3 emails as well as calendar feature.
Mac Mate is surely the most perfect deal that you can ever think of for your Mac, and this is because it has to offer you with the most desirable business as well as residential deals that you are looking for.
So just go with Mac Mate and save and secure all your data in the best possible manner, and without worrying about anything.
The article is written by David Nash on behalf of Mac cloud storage. He is technology blogger regularly writes for various blogs.