Top 5 Most Common Issues For Cell Phone Repair

In the world of telecommunication, state-of-the-art smartphones have exploded in popularity among users of all ages in the past decade. However, no matter how sophisticated these gadgets are, certain problems are bound to happen due to misuse, improper care or the unavoidable wear and tear. The following are some cell phone repair issues that are the most common for all brands or with any operating systems of smartphones.

Top 5 Most Common Issues For Cell Phone Repair

  • Cracked Screen

The problem: The glass screen of your smartphone is cracked. It could be a single fracture line or something that resembles a web. Although it does not immediately affect the phone’s functionality, continued use can cause other complications like discoloration and dead spots to name a few.

The cause: Without a protective cover or phone case, the screen can be easily cracked when your phone is dropped or bumped against a hard surface.

  • Battery Issues

The problem: You’re phone does not hold a charge and is drained faster than before. You find yourself needing to charge your smartphone more often throughout the day. The battery discharges fast even with minimal use.

The cause: Letting the battery drain to 0% is harmful especially to lithium batteries, which are being used by most smartphones now. Heat from overcharging and direct exposure to the sun, or being placed near other gadgets that emit heat can damage your batteries. Similarly, cold temperature can also slow down your battery so it would be best to avoid extreme temperatures.

  • Water Damage

The problem: Your phone malfunctions or stops working after accidentally getting it soaked in water, whether in a toilet, pool, or rain.

The cause: Water could damage your battery and other hardware of the phone. It could seep into the delicate electrical circuitry inside the phone, leaving it inoperative and causing loss of stored memory.

  • Charging Port Issues

The problem: Your phone is not charging properly. Either it still loses battery when connected to the charger or it does not charge at all.

The cause: Constant removal and connecting of charger cord, as well as dropping the phone, can damage the charging port by moving or bending its internal components. The port parts can work poorly or completely because of moisture or small debris like dust or sand. Using a charger that is not compatible with your device can also damage the port.

  • Home and Power Button Issues

The problem: You cannot return to the home screen after pressing the home button or maybe your phone doesn’t turn on or off when the power button is pressed.

The cause: One common cause for home and power button failure is wear and tear. Since these buttons are frequently pressed everyday, some internal components may be loosened, thus breaking the connections inside. This could also happen when the phone is dropped. Another possible reason is that a sticky substance or small debris is lodged at the side or underneath the button.

If you experience one or more of the problems mentioned above, do not try to repair the phone yourself as you may cause further damage. It is best to bring it to the shop so experts could accurately diagnose the problem and repair it accordingly.

Written by Cell Phone Repair Columbia, MO. Cell Phone Repair (CPR) offers cell phone repair, as well as repair for your other electronic devices.