A Good Reason To Stop Using A Visitor Counter

Many websites earlier thought that having a Visitor counter was a great thing to have on the first page of their website. Many still do. This article addresses the need for people to rethink their decision of putting a Visitor counter and look for other alternative instead. Promoters on the net insert a Visitor counter for mainly two reasons.

  1. They want to see how many hits they got their website.
  2. They want to see whether or not their website is popular or not.

Both of these reasons are valid and make a Visitor counter quite a valuable asset on their webpage.

No harm comes off of knowing how many people check out your webpages. It is something that each and every website owner must be well aware of. Many believe their Visitor counter should be visible

People look for free Visitor counter inserts on the net and don’t quite realize that they end up promoting another website instead. Such free widgets can cause your webpage to take more time to download. This will frustrate visitors on your website and will force them to make the choice of never visiting your website again.

Take for instance any well to do website that you now of on the Internet. Do they have a Visitor counter? Nope, they don’t. This illustrates out point that Visitor counter are absolutely useless. If a big name in the Internet world doesn’t have one, so neither should you bother to boast of one on your webpage.

Having a Visitor counter on a website can show poorly on your website. What if you had a poor number of visitors before and another visitor came by. He/she wouldn’t do business with you, simply because of your poor numbers. These are things that people need to think about.

It is such a shame that many promoters use false tweaks to put up fake numbers into luring people into clicking further. They think that the visitors will be impressed with the higher numbers but sadly it doesn’t actually work that way.

Back in the day, it was certainly cool to insert a Visitor counter on your webpage but now not so much. People hardly have the time to look at them. It doesn’t matter how popular you are or how handy you think having a Visitor counter is, at the end of the day, it won’t help your cause and can and most likely will backfire on you. We suggest site tracking instead.

Keeping an Eye on the Visitor

Huge websites never have a Visitor counter on their main page but still they do stalk your every move. The Internet world gives you the opportunity to do so much when it comes to making a promotion. Many folks don’t really make the most of site tracking feature. This is quite shocking considering how important it is.

A large part of the issue is that most promoters only concern themselves with making promotions and getting more people to visit their website. Some people believe that more the people mean more the sales. This is true but visitors should actually make you a sale, right?

Right before, you begin making website promotions you need to figure out which path should your visitors take so that you benefit the most. Sales are a tough nut to crack. One step gets you to the next and the whole process is something that makes a visitor become a customer.

When you closely keep an eye out for the visitors coming to your sites then you will be able to analyse why they didn’t purchase the product or why they didn’t do what you thought they would. There is a good chance that most people do come to your website but don’t explore it more than the homepage. You won’t ever come to know about that until you do manage to keep those visitors under the scanner.


Think of this as the thumb rule for marketing on the web. It is something that big guns in the Internet abide by and so should you. If you aren’t tracking those visitors then think of you flushing money down a drain. You really need to think about tracking and understand- Who all will come to your website? Which webpage should they go to? How long will those people browse the website?

When you pit a Visitor counter up against site tracking, site tracking wins hands down. Having a Visitor counter is like sentencing your website to days of gloom. You should focus on studying your visitors’ moves and see what wonders you can do.