Flat Roofing Systems

Flat Roofing Systems
A flat roof is a type of roof that has a very small, almost level slope. They are considered to be cost-efficient because of the less material needed to cover its surface area.
Flat Roofing Systems

Different Types of Flat Roofing Systems

  1. Single Ply Roofing
Like its name, the single ply roofing is a one piece or single application. It is easy to install, cleaner to work with and flexible. It is also lightweight because it is specifically designed to be installed in one layer. It is a popular roofing option because it is resistant to UV radiation; hence, it lasts a longer time than most options.

2 Kinds of Single Ply Roofing

  • Thermoset Membranes
Thermosets are compounded from rubber polymers – EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer), Neoprene and CSPE (chlorosulfonated polyethylene). They are the preferred roofing for large roof areas. EPDM has carbon black which offers UV protection that can protect your roof from the harmful effects of direct sunlight. Thermosets cannot be installed through hot-air welding. Contact cement is usually used to install the laps.
  • Thermoplastic Membrane
Thermoplastics are based on plastic polymers, the most common of which are PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), PVC Alloys or Compounded Thermoplastics, Copolymer Alloy (CPA) Ethylene Interpolymer (EIP) Nitrile Alloys (NBP) Tri Polymer Alloy (TPA), Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO, Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE). They are durable and resistant to most harmful exposures like chemicals and UV rays. They can be softened, hardened and seamed through heat welding.
  1. Modified Bitumen
Modified Bitumen is typically made from asphalt, rubber modifiers and solvents. Modified bitumen can be heat welded or torch applied. They are durable, weather resistant and flexible.

2 Kinds of Modified Bitumen

  • SBS (Styrene butadiene styrene) – Allows stronger expansion and contraction
  • APP (Atactic polypropylene) – Material which increases the aging ability of the roof.
  1. Built Up Roof (BUR) or Tar and Gravel Roofs
This is a type of roof made from hot tar and gravel. It is made from 3 or more plies of waterproof materials. They are composed of alternating layers of bitumen and reinforcing fabrics or felt. They are harder to install than the other roofing materials.
  1. Silicon Spray
Silicon spray is used to provide a protective coating on an existing roofing system. They are more expensive but can extend the life of your roof for up to 20 years.
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