5 Best URL Shorteners For Social Media Marketing

5 Best URL Shorteners For Social Media Marketing

Many business owners find themselves thriving because of influencer marketing and social media marketing. Social media marketing has become such a powerful tool that people will think you’re unique in this world if you don’t have a social media presence.

According to Sociic.com “Social media marketing and the rules that these platforms show have made unique services present to service them. One such exceptional service is a URL shortener.”

It would be best to have a shorter URL for your social media marketing. That’s because it allows you to have more space for more critical content and less on a lengthy URL.

That said, here are five URL shorteners that you might want to consider using:

1. T2M

5 Best URL Shorteners For Social Media Marketing

There are plenty of URL shorteners out there that you can use, but a lot of them don’t have as many functionalities as you might like. If you’re looking for a link shortening solution that has plenty of useful features, you might want to try T2M.

T2M is short for Text to Marketing and is a URL shortener that does more than shorten your URLs. They also help you manage the links that you post on social media. That’s why they target many businesses, survey agencies, and even universities as their target audience.

They have five different pricing packages, and their cheapest one goes for $5, which is only for verifying the account. After that, their most basic package is free forever.

If you want a reliable URL shortener for your social media marketing, you might want to try this one.

2. Bitly 

5 Best URL Shorteners For Social Media Marketing

Bitly is another URL shortener that targets businesses that want to shorten their URLs and track and analyze these links. The analytics will be in real-time to get an accurate picture of how your links are doing.

Besides link tracking, Bitly integrates various social media platforms and other digital marketing tools.

Their most basic pricing package starts at $29 a month or an annual one-time charge of $348, but this only allows access for one user and a free custom domain.

3. Ow.ly

5 Best URL Shorteners For Social Media Marketing

When you’re in the social media marketing or management field, you probably have already heard of Hootsuite. Well, Hootsuite offers its version of a URL shortener under the name of Ow.ly.

Ow.ly is part of the Hootsuite dashboard, which is very convenient for people who already use Hootsuite. However, if you don’t have Hootsuite yet, you can sign up for a Hootsuite account.

You can then have access to Ow.ly and use it for as long as you want if you’re using the free version. If you’re going to upgrade it, you need to get a paid plan with Hootsuite to get more Ow.ly features.

4. Sniply 

5 Best URL Shorteners For Social Media Marketing

Sniply is a simple URL shortener that is best for when you’re managing social media campaigns. It has this unique feature where the links you share have a call-to-action that comes with it.

It also comes with the usual link tracking features and analytics to help you track your links’ results. You can get their URL shortener for as low as $29 a month.

5. Rebrandly 

5 Best URL Shorteners For Social Media Marketing

Rebrandly is also a URL shortener that works best for people or businesses that need a robust link management system.

It allows you to connect and manage many domain names as well as social media platforms. It also has a wide range of integrations available to you, making it easier to adapt to your social media marketing ecosystem.

The lowest pricing package (aside from the free one) starts at $29 a month.

Link More with URL Shorteners

URL shorteners have become a crucial tool for any self-respecting social media marketers to help manage and track links.

Besides that, other social media platforms have limited space, so URL shorteners are there to help. It also makes your branding look a lot cleaner with a URL shortener.

If you’re in the social media marketing sphere, make sure that you invest in the right URL shortening tool for you.