2 Culture-Rich Destinations From Pune For Backpackers Looking For A Perfect Holiday

Broadly well known as the “cultural capital of Maharashtra”, Pune contains a noteworthy cluster of fine diners, various appeals of contemporary world, and moreover is prominent for having various remnants, strongholds, and hills fortresses that were left behind by the past rulers. In case you’re keen on culture, there are a few things to do in Pune. The city is called the Cultural capital of Maharashtra for valid reasons and offers its guests a decent blend of spots and activities that forms a bridge between convention and contemporary world. A year round pleasant weather, well-educated local people, low crime rates, all the luxuries and comforts of modern world, numerous tourist attractions and entertainment centres, it is only obvious that why is Pune is one of the best Indian cities to love.

Albeit, one hardly ever gets exhausted by living in Pune. In any case, to keep things further intriguing, travel specialists encourage to enjoy a reprieve and take off to new destinations or less traveled roads every once in awhile. So here are two destinations where the culture enthusiasts living in Pune can visit and spend a wonderful vacation.

2 Culture-Rich Destinations From Pune For Backpackers Looking For A Perfect Holiday


Cochin or Kochi is a bustling business port in South India and the commerce capital of Kerala. You can easily get a Pune to Cochin flight and the closest railway stations are at Chennai and Coimbatore; however one might likewise drive down to this delightful city, which is an experience of a lifetime. The prime highlights of the city are the backwaters and Fort Kochi. Kochi features a rich cosmopolitan culture because of the impact made by the travellers from different nations who visited Kochi. It is the seat of Latin Church in Kerala and has numerous Catholic places of worship. It has a sizeable populace of expats and a large part of it is the senior citizens, who have picked this city to lead a calm and relaxing life. By and large, the general population of Kochi are advanced and trendy. However, it still gives tremendous significance to its profound cultural convention and social beliefs.


Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and a perfect destination for backpackers living in Pune. It is additionally the biggest city of the state. Initially a walled city, Jaipur is believed to be the first ever planned city of India with its Hindu building design still based on Vastu Shastra. It is otherwise called the Pink City and the number 9 has a great impact on the development and layout of the city – 9 is an essential number in cosmology and signifies the 9 planets of our solar system. The city is well known for its fervorous festivals and events with the most prominent being the Elephant Festival and Gangaur. Besides, the unmatched hospitality of the city is an attribute that you simply can’t ignore. There are plenty Pune to Jaipur flights that you can catch. It is ideal that you compare flight fares across multiple carriers and search engines to get the best deal.