Top Vacation Destinations For British Travellers

Top Vacation Destinations For British Travellers

When British tourists travel they often need at least an 8-hour flight in order to reach a destination where it’s warm enough to feel like they are on holiday. With so much rain and clouds in Britain, there is no proper summer mood. The ideal flight to a vacation destination is between 4 and 5 hours – not too long, but enough to reach a warm and relaxing location, perfect for a spring or summer holiday. Let’s take a look at some of the best travel and vacation destinations for British travellers and the various options for accommodation.

The top holiday destinations for UK tourists have stayed more or less the same in the past few years. They are Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, America, Italy, the Caribbean islands, Malta, Dubai, the Maldives, Thailand, Australia, Bali and South Africa. These get hundreds of thousands searches every month by British people.

For people used to few days of sun, Majorca is like heaven. It has stunning beaches and a vibrant nightlife; it’s only a short flight from England and it’s perfect for young people and adults travelling with their families. Another famous Spanish destination is Tenerife, which is the biggest of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic. In Tenerife spring never ends and the temperature stays above 20 degrees all year long. One of the most popular Spanish destinations is Ibiza – attracting millions of tourists every year. It has a buzzing nightlife, numerous resorts and beautiful nature.

Top Vacation Destinations For British Travellers

British tourists also love going to Cyprus with the most popular destination being Paphos and Limassol. Turkey and Greece are also popular choices – with their pristine sandy beaches, long hot days, rich culture and stunning architecture, there are plenty of things to do and see in these two countries. The Greek Island of Crete is quite popular not only among British tourists but with visitors from all over the world.

A top destination is also Egypt – with its gorgeous waters, vast desert and the world-famous pyramids, Egypt offers a lot of sightseeing and recreation opportunities.

For those who are willing to fly for a little longer, America is one of the most attractive destinations. The cities of New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are world-famous and the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls are visited by millions of tourist every year.

Some of the top choices for romantic getaways are Italy (top places include Sicily, Pisa, Rome and Venice) and the Caribbean islands, especially Barbados, Jamaica and Antigua.

Another popular European destination is Malta – a beautiful island with unique culture, various architecture and delicious cuisine. A top choice is Dubai – one of the most famous cities in the world. It’s where you can sunbathe, shop, dance, drive through the desert and ride on the back of a camel within a single day.

British holiday makers also enjoy the serene beauty of the Maldives – these heavenly islands with fascinating views and beaches. And when that’s not enough, Goa is waiting for its visitors, attracting them with tropical food, ancient temples, stunning palm tree beaches, vibrant markets and world-class resorts.

One of the longest flights to a holiday destination is from London to Melbourne – over 22 hours. However, it’s worth the flight, because Australia has second to none standard of life, resorts, beaches, mountains, extreme sports opportunities and nightlife. It has everything a holiday maker could be looking for. Read more at: Land For Sale in Europe