Top 5 Tips To Survive In Jungle

Top 5 Tips To Survive In Jungle

Rainforests cover a large area. This kind of forest is house tomany floral diversities. In addition, such forest provides shelter to many dreadful animals like jaguars, poisonous arrow frogs, boa constrictors and many more. If a person is stuck in the rainforest, the first reaction that comes out of him or her is creating panic. This kind of reaction sends a person in confused state and right survival decisions cannot be made. However, by controlling your nerves, you can make apt decisions for survival.
Top 5 Tips To Survive In Jungle

Therefore, you must know about some important survival plans.

Things That You Need For Designing a Survival Plan

  • Protective clothes 
  • Potable water
  • First aid kit
  • Walking stick
  • Blankets
  • Dry kindling
  • Jungle boots
  • Lighter
  • Plastic bags
  • Purification tablets

Control Your Nerves

This is the first step to survive in jungle. If you have survived a plane crash or have separated from your fellow travelers, the first reaction that you will suffer is the panic. Panic will make you tired and your body demands more food and water.

Sit quietly for a while and gather your thoughts. Then look into your supplies. If you have survived an accident like plane crash, then look out for food, potable water, waterproof materials, blankets, etc from the wreckage in order to survive.

Taking Care of Clothing

After you have collected survival gears, you have to lay focus on clothing. Ensure that your skin is covered. Cover your face as much as possible and roll down your sleeves for avoiding scratches as well as insect bites. Avoid shorts and put on pants. If you have received wounds, treat them properly with first aid kit for preventing spread of infection.

Have Lot of Water

Having lot of water will help you to overcome dehydration. If you see that a site is populated with bees, flies and insects, it indicates that a water body is nearby. If possible, boil water, filter it and add purification tablets for maintaining hygiene.

Do Not Walk in Jungle with Bare Feet

Always wear rubber jungle boots or waterproof shoes while walking in jungle to avoid insect bites. If you do not have jungle boots, you can cover your feet with plastic bags and then put on your shoes.

Ensure that your socks are dry. Wearing wet socks will lead to fungal infection. Before putting on socks, apply powder or foot cream to prevent surfacing of moisture that can become breeding ground for bacteria or fungus. If there is blister development, remove them with sterilized needle for feeling comfortable.

Mark Your Route

You should leave a trail for easy reference. As you proceed, mark the vital points with markers made of brightly colored, reflective objects or torn clothes, so that you can come back to previous positions easily.

Never make a trail with edible items because animals will consume them. Do not move in straight path. Walk slowly in order to conserve your energy. Avoid paths comprising of grabbing vines while you are moving up the slope. You may receive injuries from thorns present in them andsome species may emit irritants. While walking, take a long branch and use it walking stick for clearing foliage from the path.

See how effectively you can survive in a jungle by following the above said tips. Last but not the least, keep a licensed gun. No, it is not for hunting, but to ensure safety in the wildlife.

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