3 Tips When Meeting With Clients

3 Tips When Meeting with Clients

When you with regularity meet with clients, it is key that the meetings go as smooth as possible.

With that idea in mind, would you say you do all you can to properly prepare for the meetings?

If not, you could be losing some business if you are not careful.

Take the Time to Prepare

Whether you have one or many client meetings coming up soon, keep these tips in the back of your mind:

  1. Know your client inside and out – If dealing with many clients for a period of time, chances are you know them well. For those situations, you can be a little more at ease when it comes to how to work with them. In the event you are meeting someone new, it is best to err on the side of caution. That means you take the time to prepare and get to know them. Find out what they are all about if possible before actually sitting down with them. Doing so can increase the chances you will land them. That is as a client for some time to come as opposed to a one and done situation.
  2. Look the part when meeting – Unless in an industry where things are casual, it is key to take time to prepare your look. That can mean everything from a dress shirt and tie to a dress or pantsuit depending on your gender. The goal is to look good so your client knows you are taking the meeting in a serious manner. If you are a man with some or a lot of facial hair, do your best to have it looking good for the meeting. This means your razor has to cut it for you. If it has not been doing so, it may be time to go online and look for a new brand. You can do a Gillette on demand review and reviews of other top shaving items. At the end of the day, looking good for a client and appearing professional can make the difference. This would be in getting a sale or leaving empty handed.
  3. Have a positive attitude you will get a sale – Finally, do you tend to be a positive person in your career? You need to have such an attitude to make a go of it. If you go into such meetings feeling less than confident, it can show rather fast. Also make it a point to be on time for your meeting. While running a few minutes late is one thing, you do not want to be quite late and leave the client waiting. Last, be sure you thank them for their time. Even if you do not get their business, let them know you appreciated them taking time out to hear what you had to say. By not burning any bridges, there could be a chance they come back into your life at some point again.

If client meetings are a big part of your business world, how well do you tend to do with them?