Why All Roads Should Use Anti-Slip Paint

Different types of road paint are available from various manufacturers and distributors all over the world.  These paint types are specially made for certain functions and durability requirements.  Aside from the wide array of selections in terms of paints, there are specific variations that make paint more effective and durable.  Among such innovations in paint variants is the anti slip paint by Ennis Flint.

Here are some of the features that can be enjoyed with this type of paint:


With the different innovations and improvements in technology, anti slip paint was invented.  This helped avoid accidents especially when it comes to losing control of vehicles because of slippery conditions.  It can also be used on walkways to protect pedestrian traffic. Using road paint with an anti-slip feature would be an excellent choice in terms of durability and adhesion.

The anti-slip or non-slip characteristic of this paint is usually achieved by the use of crushed recycled glass. There are other manufacturers that use fast color pigmented granite. Both are beneficial in keeping the paint on the road by increasing its surface adhesion.  Even heavy traffic roads can benefit from this type of paint.  Cycle lanes and bus lanes are known to use this type of paint as well.


Color is not something that is considered from the aesthetic point of view when it comes to road paint.  The color of paint used for road surfaces and safety markings are chosen basically for more practical purposes.  There are color standards that are used in road safety markings.  Using anti slip paint in the right colors would be recommended.

The use of color helps in the identification and demarcation of certain areas.  It helps vehicles and pedestrians stay in their designated areas.  The most common colors of road paint are white and yellow.  These are used in the lines that divide lanes or indicate pedestrian lanes.  There are also green paint for bicycle lanes and red paint for bus stops.


As in choosing any type of paint, cost is always a concern when considering paint with anti-slip properties.  It is understandable that this type of paint will be more expensive.  The other side of the argument, of course, is the fact that this type of paint is also more durable.  Over the long term, it is more cost effective to use this type of paint compared to other types of paint.

Cost savings can be enjoyed because there is no need to reapply the paint more frequently.  Regular paint with no anti slip properties tend to erode easily with the changing temperatures and busy traffic.  It is also easier to maintain paint with anti slip properties.

It is important for engineers and contractors to consider the different aspects of the paint they are going to use for road markings.  High quality paint that serves its purpose and complies with quality and safety standards should definitely be chosen over cheaper yet low quality road paint.  Using anti slip paint for various road markings is definitely worthy of consideration.