Fun For The Whole Family

Fun For The Whole Family

Planning a day out that’s fun for the whole family can be a real challenge. Think about how your needs differ from your parents or grandparents. Now think about the gulf in interests and abilities between a five year old and a ten year old. Finding something that makes a fun day out for everyone is a real challenge, but today, we’re here to help!

Getting Outdoors

Now the weather’s improving, one great option for a family activity is to get outdoors. A walk in the countryside, or even just a local park means plenty to explore and enjoy for every age group.

There are some things you’ll need to bear in mind to make sure everyone has the best time possible.

  • Fast metabolisms

Children are smaller, have enviable amounts of energy but also faster metabolisms, and this means they get hungry! If you’re taking children for even a short walk in the park make sure you pack snacks. A blood sugar dip when you’re far from home can turn a happy spring walk into a grumpy slog.

  • Staying hydrated

It’s important for children to keep hydrated, but they’re not always the best at looking after their own needs! Make sure you take bottles of water, fruit juice or other drinks with you on any walk and don’t wait for your children to ask for a drink – build in regular rest stops and make sure your kids are drinking before they need to!

  • Little legs

The younger your children are, the more constrained you are in how far you can go. You don’t want to be marching one child to the point of exhaustion just so an older one can have a satisfyingly stretching walk. Think about how you can balance those needs – are you able to use a pushchair on the route you’ve planned? Or are you able to plan a shorter walk, but with a stop at a playground so an older child can burn off more energy without exhausting a younger one.

Puzzles and Games

A great way to bring a family together is with a game! Just be warned that sometimes competition can turn into bitter arguments – as anyone who’s tried to enjoy a Christmas game of Monopoly can tell you. It’s even harder when you have a group of players of different ages and therefore different abilities to understand and compete fairly.

For the best chance of a good time, pick something we’re you’re not setting your family in competition with each other. Find an activity where you all work together to compete against the game or solve a puzzle! You could even combine this with some outdoor exercise! If you find the right scavenger hunt Bristol, London, Manchester or any other UK city can become the backdrop to an unforgettable family adventure.