What Are The Main Benefits Of Building A Conservatory Onto Your Home?

If you were to ask any homeowner, who has built a conservatory onto their home, if they would ever like to go back to a time when they didn’t have it, you are unlikely to ever hear the answer “Yes”.
There are many reasons for this, 5 of which are detailed below:

1. Amazing value for money

Over the last few years, the realisation has sunk in that extending a home is generally now a lot cheaper than buying a new, larger home. Now, what’s even cheaper than adding an extension onto your home? That’s right, a conservatory.
Adding a conservatory has the same effect as an extension in that it gives you the extra space you require, despite you paying less. Even if you really invest and get a huge conservatory and ensure it’s extremely well-built, you’ll still have saved yourself a lot of money. Conservatories also add money onto the value of your home, just as an extension would and are extremely attractive to potential buyers.

2. Additional space

As previously mentioned, conservatories give you the added space you’ve always wanted and even create the illusion of more space due the amount of glass being used. They are extremely useful, whether you require extra space for a family room; children’s play area, dining room or just somewhere to relax during the day.

3. Enjoyment of your garden throughout the year

Unfortunately, the UK does not have the best reputation for good weather all year round, which often means many of us don’t even step foot in our gardens from October through to February. A normal house, without a conservatory, does not even have a good view of the back garden either.
Adding a conservatory will mean you can view your garden no matter what time of year it is and no matter what the weather is like. This means you have somewhere you can sit, in the warmth, enjoying the winter view of your garden or somewhere to sit where it’s cooler during the warmer months. You can even bring bits of your garden inside to enjoy if you really want to, since a conservatory will provide a great deal of ambient light and warmth for your plants.

4. Somewhere to relax

Conservatories are wonderful places to kick back and relax with a good book, a glass of wine or even just somewhere to go for some peace and quiet and a nap. Many people use them as sanctuaries, away from the hustle and bustle of family life, where they can relax and enjoy the view of their garden and the night (or sunny) skies from the comfort, and warmth or shade, of their own home.
Conservatories can obviously be decked out any which way you like, but often people use them as extra rooms, without the TV, without various media outlets, so they can enjoy some peace and quiet. However, they also make fab rooms for entertaining friends, so whether you plan to relax with friends and enjoy a few bottles of wine, or you want to throw multiple dinner parties, a conservatory is going to be an ideal option for you.

5. The practical benefits

As well as all of the above benefits, there are obviously practical benefits of having conservatories in Gloucester. The main one being that the amount of UPVC glass used in the windows and doors of a conservatory enables the natural transfer and storage of sunlight.
This means, during the winter the glass will pull the heat from the sun’s rays and ensure your conservatory basks in warmth. This means you can turn the temperature down slightly on your heating thermostat in the conservatory, saving energy and money. The conservatory glass has the same effect in summer, but the opposite way around. So you will be able to trust in the UPVC glass and stay in your conservatory without getting too hot.

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Laura writes for L&L. When not writing, she can often be found trying to convince her friends and family of the benefits of conservatories.