Reliable WordPress/ Shared Hosting At TD Web Services

Reliable WordPress/ Shared Hosting At TD Web Services
TD Web Services gives clients affordable and reliable shared/ WordPress hosting. With recent advances in hosting server technology and cloud computing, server failure should not lead to website downtime. The top rated global web host, TD Web Services has fully redundant servers that have automatic fail-over. When a server fails, a redundant (standby) server automatically takes over its functions. They achieve this level of reliability by implementing server virtualization and cloud technology to create virtual servers. TD Web Services is globally available with 9 points of presence, and their highly automated and strategically located data centers in the U.S., Europe and Canada implement geographically redundant DNS – nameservers that are geographically scattered, to safeguard service uptime. Clients on their shared and WordPress hosting plans benefit from their state-of-the-art server infrastructure that delivers top performance at cheap prices.

Flexible Hosting Options

The hosting plans at TD Web Services are scalable and allow flexible billing options. You can choose from the well structured contract options that for shared hosting include monthly and annual subscription. The plans can easily be upgraded or downgraded to match your website’s traffic needs. The Managed WordPress hosting plans give you greater server resources and free you from the technical aspects of your website: the experts at TD Web Services handle all upgrades, backups, performance optimization, theme and plugins updates and security issues while you concentrate on growing your website.

Reliable WordPress/ Shared Hosting At TD Web Services

Affordable Shared Hosting

Sharing server resources reduces hosting costs. The cheapest shared hosting at TD Web Services starts at $3/ month in the Small plan that is ideal for startups and small websites.

Small: 1GB of storage, 20GB monthly bandwidth and 25 GB of cloud storage at $3/month.

Medium: suitable for websites that are growing in popularity. Has 5 GB of storage, 100 GB monthly bandwidth, free domain with annual subscription and 25 GB cloud storage at $4.50 per month.

Large: is ideal for medium-traffic sites and offers greater resources: 15 GB storage, 300 GB monthly bandwidth, free domain and 25 GB of cloud storage at $9/ month.

Super: is for popular websites and comes with a free domain with annual subscription, 25 GB of storage, 500 GB monthly bandwidth and 25 GB of cloud storage at $18 per month.

These cheap plans come with free addons: weekly backups on local and remote servers, weekly malware and antivirus scans and free cloud storage. You get 99.990% uptime and a full money-back, 30 day guarantee.

There are more WordPress and shared hosting plans at TD Web Services that give access to greater server resources. They include Enterprise Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting.

Faster Page Loads and Higher Performance

The shared hosting plans at TD Web Services utilize state-of-the-art server technologies such as PHP 5.5 and FastCGI to give a six-fold faster loading speed for your web pages. With search engine ranking algorithms factoring-in loading speed, your web pages will load faster due to the combination of enterprise-class Linux distribution (including CentOS) and modern server hardware that includes SSD and SA-SCSI hard drives for higher performance.

Scalability with Cloud Servers

The shared hosting and WordPress hosting plans provide free access to cloud storage. Cloud computing gives greater access, dependability and scalability. Cloud storage enables secure sharing and syncing of data.

Updated and Secure Control Panel

Use the easy-to-use, GUI based cPanel to manage your domain. Create FTP and email accounts, subdomains, create and manage your databases and perform one-click script installations through the powerful control panel. With this cPanel, you can install and have WordPress running in under 5 minutes. In addition, all WordPress and shared hosting plans come with full access to server reporting tools for website analytics. AWStats is one of the GUI-based, powerful reporting tools that reveal visitor trends and extract crucial performance data.

Great Customer Support

TD Web Services has a knowledgeable team of in-house experts who are always available. The support team is made up of honest technical experts who will offer assistance when migrating website, upgrading hosting plans, restoring backups and for any other issue that may arise. The honest support team at TD Web Services together with the 30 day full money back guarantee and 99.990% uptime give you the best, risk-free shared and WordPress hosting solution.