How to Deal With Nuisance Phone Calls

There are all sorts of nuisance calls. There are the phone calls made by sales teams, constant calls from collection agencies and companies you owe money to, annoying surveys, and calls from people who simply like to wind you up. Any unsolicited call can be annoying, but when they happen several times throughout the day, night, and weekend, they can cause all sorts of issues, including stress and depression.
Blocking phone numbers ends the stress of nuisance calls

The Telephone Preference Service Is Failing

The amount of nuisance calls seems to be increasing by the day. The consumer group Which? has heard so many complaints that they just recently made a request to the government demanding that they take action on cold calls. Which? conducted research that shows that the opt-in Telephone Preference Service isn’t working, and those registered on the service often find the number of unsolicited calls they receive to actually increase.

What Is the Telephone Preference Service?

The TPS is a service open to all UK residents. It’s free, and consumers can sign up in a bid to reduce the number of telemarketing calls they receive. This is the main service available designed to stop the calls, but it doesn’t seem to work. Despite the fact that all businesses making live marketing calls have to legally screen their lists against that of the TPS, subscribers of the service are still hassled day in and day out.
Which? discovered that nearly 6 in 10 people are unhappy with the service and that, on average, they still receive approximately 10 unsolicited calls each month.
It’s also important that consumers signing up for the TPS are made aware that the service doesn’t protect against:

  • Recorded messages
  • Automated messages
  • Market research from overseas
  • Debt collection calls
  • Silent calls

More Laws Required

The consumer group has asked the government to do more and increase the laws protecting personal data. Consumers are fed up with these invasions of their privacy. As the current system is failing to serve consumers, more needs to be done to enforce the law and reduce the problem. Which? has requested that the government:

  • Make all businesses send their caller ID so consumers can see who is calling and report the calls to the regulators
  • Provide spam filters for phones
  • Create a code that consumers can dial when they receive such a call so that the information is sent to their phone operators and regulators

You Can Take Immediate Action Now

If you’re fed up with answering your phone to sales or marketing companies, you can take action now. There are ways to stop the nuisance calls, so there’s no need to wait for the government to take further action. There is an affordable option available that allows you to stop those calls from coming in and interrogate the callers who withhold their number.
Blocking phone numbers by using simple technology allows you to block the unsolicited calls without stopping your friends and family from getting through to you. There is no need to feel like you can’t answer your phone anymore, and those frustrating calls will finally come to an end.
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