7 Things You Should Do Before You Move House

Moving will challenge your mind, wreck your finances and elevate your stress levels to unprecedented proportions. Still there are some things that you can sort out in advance to make life easy once you’ve settled into your new home. Here are 7 things you’ll need to do before you move house.
Redirect Your Mail
Identity theft is a very real concern, so you’ll want to keep your mail out of the hands of potential thieves. Redirect your mail in advance and you’ll receive them when you arrive at your new home. There is a fee for redirection, but it is a small price to pay to keep your information from falling into the wrong hands. Visit your local post office or your mail carrier’s site online to set up redirect.
Inform Your Bank
Notify your banks, credit card providers, insurance and other financial services about your pending move so that they could update their records. This helps them keep an accurate record on file, but also makes it easy for them to contact you in case of an emergency. These agencies sometimes need to send out new cards and other sensitive information, so you’ll want to ensure that they arrive at your doorstep only. Today, updating that information is an easy as logging online and making the changes.
Insure Your New Home
Insurance for your home will be added if you take out a mortgage. It will also be included in your renter’s contract if you’re renting. You’ll need to take out a short term insurance to cover your possessions when you move. This way, you’ll be covered if they are lost or damaged.
Move Your Car
You’ll probably need your car when you move to your new location. It’s important that you update your car insurance, ownership certificate and drivers license. It’s free and fairly simple to update your license so don’t delay. It will also ensure that you have an ID with your new address as soon as you move in. Since car insurance is usually based on location, you’ll need to get your insurance updated before you move. This way you’ll have no problems when you make a claim.
Check Your Meter
Take a final reading of your meter before you move so that you pay only for electricity, water and gas that you used. Call up the suppliers and let them know, so that you’re not billed for someone else’s usage.
You might be able to transfer your accounts to the new location if the providers also operate at the new location. Notify them in advance so that they can make the necessary changes.
Set Up Cable And Broadband
If you’ll like to have internet and cable from the day that you arrive at your new home, contact the providers in advance so you’ll be up and running from the moment that you move in.
Clean Out Your Freezer
Use up all your frozen foods before the final days of moving day. You’ll need to have your freezer emptied and cleaned before moving. Make sure that this is done at least 24 hours before moving day.
Miranda is real estate consultant who loves to blog on real estate industry, Recently she relocated to a new house and this is where she realized that there is so much to take care of when relocating, and its best to hire a removals company like sydney furniture removalist so you could focus on other tasks.