Personal Injury Prevention Tips

People all over the world endure personal injuries everyday. Many of these injuries can easily be prevented. For prevention tips relating to bicycle, vehicular, and motorcycle accidents, continue reading below.

Ways to Prevent Vehicular Accidents

  • Drivers should always steer clear of behaviors that are distracting. These include talking on a cell phone, texting, messing with the radio, and more. Passengers in moving vehicles can help prevent personal injuries that result from vehicle accidents by staying in their seats and not talking loudly.
  • Drivers should always be very cautious when driving in the left lane, as this is where researchers claim most freeway accidents take place. Research believes that most accidents occur here because there are less escape routes in this lane when compared to middle and right lanes.
  • Drivers should always keep an eye on the road that is ahead of them. The farther ahead that drivers survey the road, the higher their chances are that they will be able to successfully react to and/or avoid collisions.
  • Drivers should always have their hands properly placed on the steering wheel; this means in the nine and three o’clock position, as this helps them have effective control over their vehicle.
  • Drivers should always pay attention to any and all blind spots.
  • Even though beaten up vehicles does not necessarily mean the drivers behind the wheel are bad drivers, many times, this is a good indicator that the cars have been driven by careless drivers. Watching out for beaten up vehicles can extremely reduce the chances of ending up in an accident with one.

Ways to Prevent Bicycle Accidents

  • Bicyclists should always stay off the sidewalk at all times possible. Instead, they should use bicycle lanes, and in circumstances when these types of lanes are not available, they should ride on the side of the street. Riding on the sidewalk is dangerous because these areas tend to be full of pedestrians, which makes bicyclists hard to spot for vehicle drivers on the road.
  • Bicyclists should always wear helmets! Research shows that people wearing helmets reduce their chances of sustaining a head injury by 85% when compared to those who do not.
  • Bicyclists should ride along with traffic, not against it. When riding against traffic, neither people on bikes or people driving cars have much time to react to a possible collision; this is unlike those riders who ride along with traffic.
  • Bicyclists should always wear appropriate clothing; this includes wearing clothes that are highly visible, and when riding at night, wearing a headlight and having a flashing backlight on the bike.

Ways to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

  • Motorcyclists should always check their tires, as they are the most important part of the bike. When checking tire pressure, it is wise to use a top
  • notch gauge, not one that can be cheaply purchased at a gas station.
  • Drivers of motorcycles should always check their turning signals, mirrors, lights, and horn. In addition, they should check the bikes’ oil and fuel levels, as well as coolant levels.
  • For those motorcyclists driving a bike with a chain
  • drive that is connected to the rear wheel, it is always smart to check that this chain is properly tensioned.
  • Motorcyclists should always make sure that their side stand (kickstand) folds up properly.

Christopher Steven is an avid blogger from Tulsa, Oklahoma who is passionate about encouraging safety for all communities while working with the Gorospe & Smith Tulsa Car Accident Lawyer Law Firm in his own community to educate and promote safety and accident prevention.