It Is Possible To Complete Your Social Work CEU Online

It can be a difficult choice deciding the right career. It is often a decision made when very young and inexperienced in life. The idea of picking a career which will keep you employed, engaged and enjoying work for a long time may seem like an impossible task. For many it is. There are many people who follow one career path only to either turn this into something else or to stop and change tact completely. There are others who know what they want to do from day one, these are the ones who have a calling and will pursue what they want to the ends of the earth.

Social Work

Being a social worker is very much one of these types of jobs. Those who undertake this challenging career generally have large amounts of compassion, patience, flexibility and determination. It helps to have a social conscience and to have good judgment. Become a social worker is only possible by achieving a degree in the relevant field from an approved institution. This then allows a license to be obtained which is essential in the majority of states across America.

Social work is a huge field and there are many thousands of workers helping others and equally as many helping those who care for others. Research and development is an ongoing concern with many research projects and funding requests being processed all the time. In order for any social worker to remain good at what they do it is essential that they partake in Continuous Education. These are units (CEU’s) of which a certain number must be completed every year to ensure their license remains valid.

It Is Possible To Complete Your Social Work CEU Online

Where to undertake CEU’s

Can undertake online at Social work CEU online. A social worker can work very difficult hours. It is not normally a nine to five type job as patient’s needs are around the clock. This requires great flexibility but also ensures a lack of consistent free time to attend a skills update course. This can make it very difficult to keep training up to date.

Thankfully there are now many companies which are dedicated to providing social work CEU’s online. Some, such as have been established for around ten years and have earned a reputation for quality training. All companies offering CEU training must be accredited and it is essential to ensure they have a good track record, or to be recommended to them by a friend.

What the Online CEU Includes

About a quarter of the staff at the above mentioned company are people who have experienced the problems of homelessness, addiction or traumatic issues first hand. As such they are uniquely position to understand the needs of sufferers and can enlighten social workers to a whole new perspective.

All online courses are conducted by experts in their fields and are designed to reinforce existing skills as well as to update on new techniques and procedures. Course work is provided online alongside live webcasts, virtual assistance for coaching and support issues. Online training actually offers a better level of one to one support than any classroom can – the support is there for the issues as and when needed. There are a variety of online presentations which can be worked through whenever time is spare. This can be five minutes at various times through the day or a dedicated morning, afternoon or even whole day. As with most information sites on the internet there are online discussion forums to share information and tips. A more recent concept is the idea of group projects. Any student can join and the group must together figure out the solution to a problem or set of problems. This can be an excellent way to see different approaches and what can work in the real world.

All courses are conducted via the internet and a certificate is provided upon successful completion.

Classroom Based Training

Traditionally classroom based training has provided the opportunity to bond with other students and professionals. This allows the buildup of a network of contacts and the opportunity to share stories and tips. However, this is no longer the advantage it was over online learning as forums and group projects enable the same ability. Classroom based training is also restrictive in that students must be available for a certain period every week and the location of the training may not be close enough. Location is controlled via the number of people who need training in a given area combined with the cost of renting premises.

Classroom based training is usually more expensive for the provider as there are more overhead costs and for the student with travel costs. This generally means the cost of the course is higher than an online version.

Course Availability

There is a huge variety of courses available which will assist any professional social worker. Online courses have an advantage in that it is possible to start them at any point in the year. They are also the easiest course to fit into a busy lifestyle. Courses have no set duration and can be completed according to the time available – within the confines of which CEU’s need to be completed during the current year.

Most companies offer a brochure which provides a guide to the type and subject of course available. This then allows someone to either choose to refresh their current knowledge or to branch into a new discipline. The flexibility means that anyone can improve their knowledge, their chances of promotion or just widen their knowledge base without needing to encroach on work time.

The Future

Online training is generally a far better training option. There are times when a practical demonstration is needed and this will be arranged. It still remains easier to travel to the odd practical demonstration than the weekly classroom meeting. Online training also offers the distinct advantage of being able to connect to other, like-minded people, around the world. Regulations may vary according to the country but there are still many approaches, tips and advice which can be exchanged and attempted.

In a fast paced, constantly changing world it should be a relief to know that the essential CEU training can be undertaken at a time that is convenient to the student rather than the teacher.