Penguin 2.0 and The New Local SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization has been the most popular activity for last few years. The problem with SEO is that people do not work cleanly and use other spamming methods for taking their websites up on Google. For overcoming such issues, Google regularly make updates in its algorithms. For example, Google first introduced Panda updates for content verification and later on, it came up with latest Penguin update, which affected SEO workers too much and many of them lost their valuable content on their websites under the category of plagiarism or spamming. For black hat SEO techniques and lot of spamming in content, Google has modified its strategies and SEO backlinking methods. Let us discuss more about it in detail.

Local Search and Penguin 2.0

All SEO techniques need to be in-line with Penguin 2.0 and Penguin 4 updates for effective results. If we talk about past, we will notice that Google was able to integrate local searching into fine listings. This means that all data was chronologically listed and users found it easy to do SEO. These lists were available in Google places and any of these results were not at all localized unless and until users did not search something specifically. With latest penguin 2.0, things have been changed a lot. These local results are now more integrated and Google now looks to have a solid effort for providing users with maximum possible local results.
Let us understand it with a very simple example. If you search for coffee, local coffee points will be displayed to you in organic search results. All primary book retailers will be shown below. Such strategies or methodologies may affect all those, who work hard using white hat but are still on the bottom of page or on very low frequencies as compared to others.

Local SEO and Backlinks

The penguin was nothing but a solid alarm to those backlinkers, who always prefer to follow backlinks with no effort. This refers to those people of past, who would misuse concept of backlinks by just purchasing them without putting any effort. This really was a sad and disappointing strategy for those, who used to do white hat SEO and were always hardworking. Google understands this all and appreciates users’ efforts, therefore, it updates its guidelines and instructions after six months on regular basis. Panda and Penguin 2.0 are their two basic modifications. It is a fact that SEO is useless without backlinks, which improve Page Rank and are obtained by proper use of forums, blogs, articles, web directories, press releases, and lots more. You do not need to worry for Penguin updates and Google notifications if you are not a web-spammer and are honest to your work but if you want to improve your page rank using various absurd alternatives, Google will surely catch you one day and will be putting your website in sandbox very soon.

Backlinking Suggestions As Per Penguin Updates

Remember to keep these useful tips in mind for better SEO backlinking in accordance to latest penguin updates.
·        Backlinks must be from trusted and reliable sites and most importantly, those backlinks should be related to your website content, as relevancy is primarily important ad Google or any search engine will recognize your keywords as per your backlinks. Therefore, if keywords, content, and backlinks are not in-line, then Penguin is going to give you a very hard time.
·        Ok! If your backlinks are not related to your website, it will be fine if and only if, they relate to you in some other way. For example, having keyword cricket and backlink you acquire is of sports’ site or related gaming site, it will be ok for Google or any search engine.
·        Backlinks should look more original and natural as per your posted content and website.
·        Yes! Link speed can never be ignored. This means that speed by which you create links for your site. If you are going too fast, Google will consider it as spam. Therefore, divide your works and act smartly. Do forum submissions, bookmarking, and all off-page activities slowly and gradually for better results. Keep in mind that slow and steady always wins the race.
·        As per latest Penguin update, avoid using exact keyword too much, as it is considered spam. Alternatively, use keyword variations, keyword proximity, branded text, naked urls, and much more other techniques for more better and secured results.
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