Expected Features Of Samsung Galaxy S7

The future of the galaxy series is another big thing in the world of the mobile technology. Galaxy S7 is much anticipated and it is expected to revolutionize the market of mobile with its cutting edge technology. Next generation S7 is going to be next big hit in the world of technology after showcasing the galaxy S6 in this year in the MWC in February in Barcelona. In terms of sales Korean company is giant and is ahead of HTC and Apple and also enjoys loyalty among the Android users.

Features of S7

On the internet several concept images are available having different takes and how it may look. It is also rumored that the phone is going to have an aluminum body, deviating from the plastic polycarbonate body which was a tradition used in the series of the Smartphone by Samsung. There is something different we can expect to see in the S7 series.

On the web the Smartphone is also the most searched phone and it is also expected to be leader in performance. It is likely that the next generation of Samsung is going to be a rugged phone and plenty of features are likely to be seen. It is expected that S7 will be a good-looking phone, waterproof due to its metallic unibody exterior.

Expected Features Of Samsung Galaxy S7

 There are plenty of features which can be seen in the next generation, some are old and some of them are entirely new. But it is true that it is going to be better than the previous generations of the S series. There are plenty of things, which people would like to see in the next generation, but whether they are implemented or not are not revealed until the release of the next generation S7.

List of Features

  • The phone is lightweight for about 115 gm
  • It might have 4K display which would really be a great feature
  • 20MP high quality camera for photography enthusiasts
  • 7-8 mega pixel front facing HD camera for video chat and  for those who love to click their pictures
  • Waterproof up to 100m  having 2 bar pressure, no need to worry about your Smartphone in rain  anymore
  • Bendable and flexible screen
  • It is said that the next generation is going to have a monster batter for about 4000 mAh battery
  • Exynos 810 processor
  • Gorilla glass scratch proof
  • Latest version of android 6.0 Milkshake or v5.0 Lollypop

These are some of the amazing features, which are expected to come up with the Galaxy S7.  It is really going to be a big hit with all these amazing features in the Smartphone world. People expect more and more from the Korean company and Samsung is having a good name in the world of technology. These might be the features planned to surprise their customers. The release date of the Galaxy S7 is not yet announced, but it is expected to be released next year. Till then we all have to wait for the news to be out of its final launch.