5 Ways To Buy The Best Tyres At The Best Prices

Shopping for tyres can be an expensive and trying business. It starts with determining the kind of tyre you need, based on the kind of vehicle you have and where you plan to take it. Accordingly, you settle for a good, solid sample and stride into an automobile shop confidently, only to be aghast at the rates that some salesmen are prone to quote. Well quail not, O hopeful buyer, for haggling still prevails as a way of the world.

Yes, it is true. If you know your requirements precisely and do your homework on the current market prices, you will be in a good position to bargain for a price within your budget. Here are a few pointers on how to go about it. However, before we begin, a word to the wise: do not lose your temper, and always maintain a semblance of courteousness – for discounts often vary with customers.

Target the Factory Outlets

If you have researched and come up with the most suitable tyre and brand for you, then waste no time in locating a factory outlet of that company of tyres. Purchasing your tyre from a specific brand dealer will always be lighter on the pocket since they get their merchandise in wholesale, and directly from the factory.

Be Wary of the First Offers

Once you tell the dealer your requirements, do not accept the first quote he makes, even if it sounds like a good deal. In particular first time buyers fall prey to this tactics, so look out. First offers are more often than not, hyped up because even salespersons come to the table expecting a good round of bargaining.

Know the Fish before You Make the Catch        

You may think that you are getting a good deal with a particular dealer, but you won’t know if you could have had a better deal unless you look around, right? So hold your horses and take your time. Make an inventory of various quotes for different brands. This will help you get a feel of the actual range of expenditure which is practical for you, given your choices. This includes sitting at your laptop and surfing away for better deals. You may find that it’s better to just relax at home and order your tyres and the end of the day!

Do Not Forget to Multiply With Four

This may sound silly, but it happens! When you go shopping for tyres, you may tend to forget that the actual expenditure that you will have to bear is not just four times the price of a single tyre, but also four times the price of mounting and balancing one tyre. So as to not get carried away, you could ask your dealer to quote an overall price right from the beginning.

Look Out for Baits

Lastly, look out for easy-to-fall-for-baits that salesmen use to increase profits. Some of the common ones are suggesting extras like wheel alignment or addressing brake shocks. Other tactics include recommendations to change tyres on a rainy day which works quite well for most people.

Azzam Sheikh, Chief Tyre Consultant at Tyre-Shopper, UK is the contributor of this article.