Activated charcoal for face care – Home masks

Thousands of years ago, on different corners of the planet, people discovered the magic properties of coal. Crystal clear water was obtained as a result of getting into it a small block. Ancient Egyptian healers used to treat various poisonings and disorders of the digestive system. Activated charcoal was used as a liner for the eyes. A, compresses impregnated with analogs of modern sorbent, contributed to the early healing of wounds and cuts.

Use of activated charcoal for the face

The basis for the preparation is natural materials – fruit bones, wood, walnut shell. When exposed to some acids and high temperatures, a natural sorbent is obtained. Activated charcoal for face mask care begins with a deep cleansing, which is easy to do with activated charcoal, thanks to its chemical composition:

  • Oxygen;
  • Hydrogen;

In cosmetology activated charcoal for face skin is used:

  • Reducing the amount of sebaceous plugs;
  • Soothe the inflamed dermis;
  • Smoothing of small wrinkles;
  • Clear the epidermis from dust, dirt, toxins;
  • Align the tone.

Activated charcoal for the face at home is used as a base for masks, peeling, scrub. By supplementing the composition itself with various herbs, oils and other ingredients, you can quickly improve the condition of the dermis, support its youth and beauty. Effective facial masks are made up of natural, natural ingredients, recipes are easy to implement with their own hands. Keep reading

Indications for the use of a face mask with activated charcoal:

  • Tired, withering skin;
  • Presence of acne, pustules, blackheads;
  • Uneven pigmentation;
  • Combined / bold type;
  • Stress, lack of sleep.


  • Wounds, cracks, cuts;
  • Just removed acne, acne;
  • Individual intolerance.

A mandatory condition is the preparation of a face mask with activated charcoal, the presence of other components. Sorbent absorbs in itself as pollution, toxins, and secretions of sebaceous glands, and minerals, vitamins, collagen.

Facial care requires a comprehensive approach – nutrition, moisturizing, and rejuvenation, improving the elasticity of the skin. Deep cleansing without additional functions can harm – reduce immunity, lead to the appearance of dryness, peeling, wrinkles.

Mask with activated carbon and clay

The result: a coal face mask with the addition of cosmetic clay improves the elasticity and relief of the skin. After the course of procedures, a long lifting effect is observed.


  • 1 tablet of activated carbon;
  • 12 g. blue / white clay;
  • 5 ml of oil;
  • Powder of ginger.

Preparation and method of application:

Grind the tablet and combine it with clay. Immediately before using the mask add oil and a pinch of ginger, spread on the face and neck from top to bottom. Wait until the mask is a little dry (not to the end), rinse with a warm herbal infusion.