Samsung Galaxy Note 4 With Roaring Specifications And Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 With Roaring Specifications And Features

The newest device in the Samsung Galaxy Note family is most amazing and fastest phablet ever created. Here, we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note 4 comes with 2K-resolution display measuring 5.6 inches in size. With good anti-reflective properties of the screen, it has pretty decent margin of brightness that makes it comfortable to use, including in sunlight. The brightness level can be adjusted manually or use auto-tuning it to a light sensor. Capacitive screen of Galaxy Note 4 supports multi-touch, and the programs and AntTuTu Tester MultiTouch confirmed that detects up to ten simultaneous keystrokes. The manufacturer claims that the response time of the matrix is one-millionth of a second. The advantages of the screen should also be considered a very good oleophobic coating.

The main camera of this phablet is actually a photomodule Sony IMX240 Exmor RS, where 16-megapixel sensor is located on the 1 / 2.6-inch BSI-matrix and the aperture 31 mm lens is f / 2.2. Not forgotten as autofocus and LED flash. “Smart” optical image stabilization system (Smart OIS) with a small vibration compensates the jitter of smartphone, avoiding the “shake”, and automatically extends the exposure time under low light conditions. Maximum image resolution is 5312 x 2988 points (16 MP) at a ratio of 16: 9 and 3984 x 2988 points (12 MP) at the aspect ratio of 4: 3.

The front camera turned out to be an impressive 3.7-megapixel sensor with an aperture of f / 1.9, and, quite apart from the expected “Self-Portrait”, supported by the panoramic shooting mode (viewing angle of 120 degrees) for group “crossbow”. Get a selfie, as usual, can be adjusted to decorate and improve. The maximum resolution for photo is 2560 x 1440 points (3.7 MP, 16: 9), and the classical aspect ratio – 1920 x 1440 pixels (2.8 MP, 4: 3).

Organization and execution of the interface in the application “Camera” is virtually identical to that used for example in the smartphone Galaxy Alpha. Desired labels are frequently used in settings can be easily installed on the main screen. In addition to “Auto”, here and in the presence of more than a dozen specialized modes, including “Self-Portrait”, “selective focus” (after the frame is made, you can choose a proximal and a distal or panoramic focus) and “Panorama”.

The main camera can shoot 4K-, or UHD-video (3840h2160 points, 16: 9) at 30 fps. And the front camera the best record at the same frame rate is obtained only as Quad HD (2560 x 1440 points, 16: 9). All content is retained in the container file MP4 (AVC – video, AAC – audio).

The sound of the “multimedia” speaker in Galaxy Note 4 is not very loud, but nice. It almost muted, even when the smartphone screen is up (but on a solid surface, of course). Playing fairly clean, with tangible bass and treble.

Three microphones (two on the bottom and one on top of the phone) successfully cope not only with noise reduction. Thus, in the application “Voice Recorder” added another three recording modes. In “Interview” recorded sound is carried out from two. On “Meeting / Meeting” device is able to distinguish up to 8 audio sources, with the completion of recording some of them can be excluded. A “Voice Memo” allow you to immediately convert the recorded voice into text.

The Galaxy Note 4 can satisfy your demand of handling heavy apps with ease and to work for hours due its longer battery life. What else, you need, it is perfect Android device. And it is expected that Samsung will launch better and better devices in future starting from Samsung Galaxy S7.