Creepy Crawlers: 5 Ways To Keep Those Pesky Bugs Out Of Your House

Creepy Crawlers: 5 Ways To Keep Those Pesky Bugs Out Of Your House

Everyone has undoubtedly experienced a situation where bugs have made their way into the kitchen, garage or other part of the home. Whether you are wrestling with an isolated problem, a major infestation, or just want to prevent problems from developing in the first place, your actions are the same. Controlling pests in your home is important for not only your peace of mind, but for health and sanitation reasons as well. Bugs can infest your pantry, causing a tremendous amount of waste, and their bites can be particularly uncomfortable to people with skin sensitivities or allergies.

Clean Up

Food, damp areas, stacks of papers and all the other things that make up the home front of busy families these days are prime spots for bugs to hang out. Clear dishes and clean up the kitchen immediately after meals. Do not leave any food on the counter. If you have a faucet that drips, repair it, as bugs will be attracted to that area for water. Organize papers as they come into the home. If you have an existing pest problem, make it a rule that food stays in the kitchen or dining area only. No munching on the couch or bedroom.

Manicure Your Lawn

Trim back shrubbery and clip grass that grows close to your house. Overgrown landscaping is a great spot for spiders and other pests to hang out, and mulch is often a haven for insects. There is no need to completely eradicate plants and landscaping from around your home, just keep it well maintained. Rake mulch away from the foundation. You will often find many interesting pests making their homes in these areas.

Seal Your Home

Any area where you can feel a bit of a breeze entering is big enough to let bugs in. Add or change weather-stripping, caulk around windows and doors, and plug any other holes you can find. This is tedious, but effective work. Install screen windows and doors if you don’t have them already, as this add layer of protection does an excellent job of keeping bugs out of the house.

Have a Plan for Trash and Recycling

Clean your trash can regularly. Even if you always use trash bags, a small tear in the seam is all it takes to let smelly leaks into your can, where it will attract bugs. Make it a habit to scrub out your trash can at least once a week. Recycling is another area that tends to attract bugs. Rinse out all your recyclables before adding them to the bins, have dedicated recycling bins, rather than leaving it stacked haphazardly in the kitchen or utility room, and empty the bins at least weekly.

Get Help from a Pro

If you have recurrent or persistent problems with bugs, or you just want to be sure they stay out of your home, consider hiring a professional pest control company like Barrier Pest Control in Boise. Professionals pest control companies have years of experience dealing with the type of pests common to your location and can quickly and effectively deal with your bug problems. Selecting a company with a satisfaction guarantee ensures you are pleased with the results.

Implementing these steps should put a stop to any pest related challenges you may be experiencing. If you have a current problem, an aggressive clean up and reorganization program, inside and out, may be necessary. If you are experiencing the occasional pest, or just want to prevent a problem from developing, assessing your current habits and working to align them with the recommendations in this article may be sufficient.