Bodystocking: Wearing It Will Make You Unforgettable To Him

Oftentimes, women forget about the importance of surprising their partners with sexy lingerie. Aside from fueling the libido, alluring undergarments give women confidence and make them feel sexy in their own skin. One of the most popular in the market today is the bodystocking. It’s basically a stocking covering the whole body instead of just the legs as most hosiery usually does. It also accentuates areas of the woman’s body that men love to look at. Let us take a look at how you can buy right bodystocking for yourself.

Pick the Right Size and Design

The good thing about this type of lingerie is that it looks good on practically any woman of all sizes and shapes: plus size, petite, or pear shape. But you have to be careful in choosing one that will flatter your body. The purpose here is to enhance what you have and you don’t want to ruin the look by choosing the wrong size. Plus size women can benefit from this undergarment especially if they get the ones with flattering designs like scroll patterns. You might also take note that this lingerie is made of stretchy material and opting for sizes that are thrice as big as your own size won’t be necessary.

Go for a Variety of Styles

Bodystockings come in a plethora of styles that match your taste. From risqué ones that leave nothing to the imagination to the more “conservative” lingerie, you can be sure to find the right ones that boost your confidence. The crotchless type, for example, allows you to explore delightful moments without having to take off your sexually appealing lingerie. If you want to maintain an air of mystery, there are styles that will suit your mood as well. It’s best to experiment with different styles to find out which ones you feel most comfortable in.

Keep it Simple, But…

Surprise them with complication. It might not make sense to most people, especially men, but one of the top reasons why bodystockings are a hit with them is because of their simplicity and complicity at the same time. The question “how do I take this off?” might kill the mode and that’s how crotchless lingerie was created. Bodystocking, in this sense, is absolutely perfect for men who don’t want the complication of taking undergarments off.

Additionally, men don’t like to fumble with straps, locks and whatnots especially with lingerie that’s not familiar to them. It takes the fun out of the act. However, if you want to make it complicated in a sexy way, wear your bodystocking with micro-mini dresses that you can take off comfortably. Make sure to do a “test drive” before the big event. Try your complete outfit beforehand and plan ahead.

Choosing a bodystocking to spice up your night is one way to make him remember you. Even when he’s just having a cup of coffee, he’ll surely smile with memories of you and your alluring lingerie.