The Four Astonishing Things Offered By Technology

1. MUZEE Internet Radio

This device is similar in appearance as the USB. But this is not the ordinary device which you use in your everyday life. It’s a secret to any type of music which you want to listen from the any part of the globe. The name of the device is MUZEE internet radio which will allow you to have access to more than 13,000 radio stations from all over the world. Listen to any type of music just by plugging it into any USB port of any internet connection. You can also save the radio stations and can even record music to your computer systems and laptops. It is amazing and there is no need of subscription or downloading fees involved. Just have access to the music from 210 countries and rock and roll.

2. Virtually indestructible keyboard

This is a virtual keyboard which is engineered with silicon. The material is totally resistant to liquids and other harmful materials. These keyboards are ideal for LAN parties and game lovers. It is not only durable but is also comfortable and soft to use. You can also roll this keyboard and put them in your pockets. This will save you space and weight. With traditional keyboards it is very difficult to clean dirt and oil but you can easily unplug and wash the dirt off.

This latest computer gadget is specially designed to reduce the stress on the wrist.  Today there are many people who are suffering from carpal syndrome disease which is caused due to negative angle wrist. This condition needs medical attention for curing. Those who work a lot on the computer or play games on computers for a long time can take advantage of this gadget. There are three versions of keyboards which are available.

  • Black 85 key there is no number pad present on it.
  • A  transparent glow 109 key having number pad
  • A black 109 key with number pad.

3. USB rechargeable batteries

This device is definitely going to catch your attention. In the 80’s rechargeable batteries were released which you must have already heard of. These batteries can be used several numbers of times after recharging them with power outlets or using electricity. Today we have latest rechargeable batteries which we can charge with the help of solar power. Now you have USB rechargeable batteries which take about one hour to recharge 50%. To recharge batteries you will have to remove the top of the battery and plug in any port.

4. Device to turn off and on the internet

 There are so many lazy people out there who do not like to switch on and off their internet sitting in front of the computer. Somebody came up with the smart idea of building a device which controls the complete access of internet. By pressing on and off you can control your internet connection.

These are the four amazing latest gadgets which you can have in your collection and enjoy the comfort provided by these devices.

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