4 Things To Do In Los Angeles

4 Things To Do In Los Angeles

Before you book your visit to Los Angeles plan out your itinerary.

These are 4 things you must do in the City of Angels.

Hit the Sand

Images of sand, surf and fun usually come to mind when you think of LA. These beaches are free, open to the public spots for enjoying the best Southern California has to offer. You can get tan and hang ten at an LA beach for an authentic, inspired experience. Make sure to explore the wide variety of beaches in the Los Angeles area. Chill out and rest, grab a bite to eat or play beach sports like volleyball, paddle ball or soccer to burn a few calories while you enjoy the coast. Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach are but a few spots where you can take a jog or a light stroll while soaking up the beauty of the California coast.

Visit Disneyland

Whether you’re a kid or an adult a visit to Disneyland is sure to pick up your spirits. This iconic park makes for a fun afternoon trip in Southern California. Parents and children can enjoy the park together through daily fireworks, parades and shows. No need to worry about wild rides if you’re a bit old for that type of thing or if you can’t stomach the twists and turns of such an experience. Most rides are more relaxed and gentle. The coolest thing about Disneyland is that you can dress up in a silly hat without having to worry about it. Become a kid again in an eternally happy environment. Pay Disneyland a visit during your trip around LA.

Catch a Sporting Event

Basketball and baseball fans can take in a Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers or Angels game in LA to see major league sports up close and personal. The Lakers and Clippers are almost always a perennial power in the NBA. Even if each team is having a down year the combination of star power at each event and the always entertaining nature of the NBA makes for a great evening out with the children. You’ll get 3 hours of intense action with flair by seeing the Lakers or Clippers in action.

Aficionados of America’s favorite past time should spend a lazy summer afternoon at a Dodger’s or Angel’s game. You can’t beat the sights and sounds at a Major League baseball game. From hot dogs, pretzels, peanuts and your favorite adult beverage your senses will be teased the minute you walk into the ballpark.

Add a visit to the stadium to your travel itinerary for an afternoon treat or perhaps for an evening date if you want to watch the game in a cooler environment. Take yourself to the ball game to get a taste of sports flavor, Los Angeles style.

Visit Hollywood

If you’re into star gazing make sure to spend some time in Hollywood. You never know who you’ll spot on the Walk of Fame. Sure, the actual celebrities themselves may not be around but you can always have your picture taken with celebrity impersonators. The Chinese Theater hosts a wide range of events including movie premiers, star ceremonies and footprint ceremonies. Check your celebrity calendar before your LA visit to sync up with a premier or other celebrity event.

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