Sterling International Acquired the TLA Entertainment Group

TLA Entertainment Group Inc. (TLAEG) reported today of the organization has been obtained by the New York firm Sterling Genesis International, LLC.

Bargaining incorporates immediate to shopper brands of all computerized sites incorporating,,, and

“TLA’s capable worldwide brand mindfulness, together with crisp underwriting, will empower us as an organization to keep on prospering, expand an in number foundation, and new chances will seize for computerized extension in the present commercial center.’

“With the new procurement’s potential for solidification and worldwide development, we will have the capacity to acknowledge considerably further the colossal quality which the former company has in the entertainment industry,” as spoken by Curl.


The present entertainment manager of the TLA group, Brian Sokel will now be in the position of senior executive in management group and the present Controller Jo Borasky will be the CFO for helping in a fruitful move for the organization. The part of the acquisition includes TLAEG with the TLA group.

Raymond Murray, previous president of TLAEG said, “Curl and Zinsmeyer who were quite respected veterans in fund and film processing, with a proven successful career path of experience, monetary insightful, and forward speculation methodologies to film conveyance. We anticipate a smooth move and a splendid future at TLAEG’

The TLA Group                                                                                            

TLA Entertainment Group, situated in Philadelphia, is a secretly held enterprise established in 1981. The organization started as holders of the Theatre of the Living Arts, a repertory film and in addition the Roxy Screening Rooms. In 1985, it opened the first of a few recompense winning motion picture archives in the Philadelphia territory and in New York City. In 1996 it started, an immediate to-shopper film site that has since ventured into the offer of DVDs and most as of late, VOD. In 2000 it started TLA Releasing, a film and movie discharging organization for North America. In 2005 it opened a British conveyance organization situated in London.

About Sterling Genesis International                                      

Sterling International, LLC, established in 2013 firm of entertainment which is private situated in New York City concentrated on worldwide media, stimulation, dispersion and interchanges speculations. The organization is headed via G. Sterling Zinsmeyer, Chairman and COO and Derek Curl, President and CEO. Notwithstanding a foundation in account, Zinsmeyer has official prepared a few movies, incorporating the movie Latter Days, The Deception and Adam & Steve.