3 Tips For Burning Fat

Are you ready to get shredded? Take care of your ticker, improve your self esteem and boost your mood with a combined approach of diet and exercise. Resist the urge to follow a fad diet for speedy weight loss. If you try to cut calories too quickly or if you over train rest assured your body will punish you.

Losing that last few pounds of fat can be a frustrating enough experience. Don’t compound your agitation by doing impatient things which will result in long term weight gain. Your body is smart; it needs to be treated with care in a consistent fashion for you to yield the returns you so crave. Think more of a long term change than a short term solution to keep fat off for good. Develop a big picture approach to create lasting returns.

Use these tips to burn fat.

Bump Up Your Cardio

If you want to burn fat quickly try doing more intense cardio. Doing steady-state, moderate cardiovascular activity is fine but to burn extra fat you may need to ramp up your cardio campaign. Do interval training to put your fat burning furnace into overdrive. Toss in 1-2 days weekly of intense cardio. Alternate periods of intense and light cardio. For example, sprint for 10 seconds and walk for 40 seconds to keep your body guessing. Anaerobic physical activity can give your body a sharp change up which promotes fat loss.

Do 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity 4 to 5 days each week. Burn an increased number of calories to lose weight.

Eat a Nutritious Diet

Eating a balanced, healthy diet can help you burn fat at a steady clip. Toss out the soda and candy. Consume healthy fats, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates to cut calories and to shed fat. Dieting can be a daunting challenge to the first time fat burner. Think less of what you’re giving up and more about what you’re getting. For example, a smart approach would be to focus on your health instead of bemoaning all the junk food you’ll need to toss in the trash. You can find healthy and tasty alternatives to junk food. Get creative. Enjoy delicious fruit shakes and chow down on tasty grilled dishes to get the nutrients you need while shedding weight.

Consume grilled chicken breast, brown rice, oatmeal, natural peanut butter, turkey, fruits and vegetables. Be disciplined. Slowly taper off your caloric intake to shed fat.

Hit the Weights

Weight training creates a synergistic effect that fat burners are after. Combining cardiovascular activity with resistance training helps you to ramp up your fat burning campaign. Hit the weight room 3 to 4 times weekly. Engage in full body, compound exercises like squats, bench presses and dead lifts. Each exercise helps you burn calories effectively because these movements involve the major muscle groups.

Just make sure to rest between each weight training session. Allow for 3 to 4 days away from the gym weekly to recover.

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