5 Tips For Bathroom Redesign

Redesigning your bathroom can boost your home’s resale value significantly. Before you hurry up to change your flooring or add a new set of cabinets it’s imperative to decide why you want to upgrade and what you’re willing to spend.

Don’t go over budget, especially if you don’t need the changes in the first place. That skylight may look amazing but is it worth the extra investment? Do you really need it to be your bathroom’s finishing touch?

Be smart. List the changes that you need to make. Work diligently off of that list. Increase the resale value of your home and feel great about your design.

Whether you need to address noisy windows, heavy drafts or poor plumbing you can use these practical ideas to spruce up this oft-used room in your home.

Use these tips to redesign your bathroom intelligently.

Make it Bigger without Making it Bigger

Using the right lighting can create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. If you’re not prepared to knock down walls try using ambient lighting and open space to make your bathroom bigger. Sometimes you need to get rid of clutter or extra elements to create the desired effect. Most people can’t really feel relaxed in a slightly claustrophobic environment anyway.

Pick Your Color with Care

Make sure your bathroom color mirrors the overall design of your home. Going with a bold color may clash with the more subtle, conservative presentation of your house. Stick with white if you want to go the traditional route. White is an energetic, uplifting color which works well in most environments. If you want a slightly more elegant, classic color go with a subtle grey. Whatever color you do choose make sure it fits your overall décor. Going with a heavy aqua blue shade in a low key home is likely too bold a move to make. Keep things subtle.

Matching Linens

Buy linens, drapes and all accessories which match the color of your bathroom. Add small pillows for a cute, comfy touch guaranteed to make your bathroom feel cozier.

Go Indoor and Outdoor

Give yourself the option to enjoy the great outdoors during warm months. Install an indoor/outdoor shower separated by a glass wall to spruce up your bathroom. This option is obviously more ideal in milder climates. Soak up nature while scrubbing down.

Don’t Cheap out on Your Toilet

Your toilet is by far the most used bathroom item after your bathroom sink. Buy a two-piece toilet to accentuate the room’s design. Do the environment a favor and save on water bills by buying an efficient toilet. Keep factors like flush power, bowl shape, toilet height and design in mind.

Since toilets are a chief source of water use in your house it makes sense to invest in a toilet which promotes water conservation. Two-piece toilets are a smart choice because you’ll be able to find replacement parts easier, these are typically more economical than other styles and they are the most common type of toilet. Just make sure that your selection matches the style of your bathroom to create a visually appealing environment.