The Importance Of The Indian Bridesmaid Dress

If you’re on the guest list to attend an Indian wedding sometime soon, it’s time to start thinking about how to encompass the ethnic bridesmaid look if you want to appear as though you’ve stepped straight off the red carpet. By no means do you want to steal the bride’s thunder on her wedding day, but you do want to look like the crème de la crème of bridesmaids. Sometimes the bride will have already selected what she wants her maids to wear, but by all means, drive your ideas forward if you have something special in mind. If you would prefer to pick out your own Indian bridesmaid dress then have a chat with the bride, who will, by all means, be excited that you have bothered to take some initiative!

When we imagine A-list weddings, we often think it is unattainable to look as good as our favorite celebrities. You believe because they are a lot richer, they will be able to afford better clothes, right? Wrong. Thankfully, with the high street, designer sales, online retailers and specialist boutiques readily available at our disposal, this means it is all the more obtainable to find your perfect bridesmaid dress – one that has genuine Indian flair. If you want to buy a dress that boasts both quality of material and great value for money, look no further than what we offer here at Nallu Collection.

In addition to gathering inspiration from boutiques and retailers, there are many magazines tailored towards Asian and Indian weddings, which include helpful hints for the bride, the groom, and yes, even the bridesmaid. For example, Asiana Magazine is a valuable read if you’re trying to find a desirable location for your bride and groom’s wedding reception, or if you need some decoration theme ideas.

Fashion has certainly evolved over the decades. Therefore the modern bridesmaid should reflect this to appear chic and well styled.

There are some beautifully influential bridesmaid trends available at the moment, with designers creating more and more directional pieces each year. Forward-thinking fashion doesn’t just apply to casual and club wear, but also applies to bridal wear making it equally as important to have choice.

The Maxi Length

A popular trend of the moment is the maxi-length. What’s great about a maxi bridesmaid dress is that they fit under the bust and can be accessorized at the waist depending on how much detailing your dress has. Maxi dresses are a fresh alternative to mid and mini length dresses and are extremely flattering for curvier ladies. The fit of a maxi dress is generally comfortable and loose, which is perfect for day to night wear, so you wouldn’t have to change if you didn’t want to. According to the trend resource,Style, the maxi length is “a shift to an easier way of dressing.”

The Ombre Effect

Another fashion trend, you might like to incorporate into your Indian bridesmaid dress is the ombre effect. The ombre trend has recently made headlines, and it seems it has no signs of slowing down, which is good news. If your hair is dip-dyed, you might also want to theme a full set of bridesmaid dresses around a gradient collection of shades. For example, a range of pink ombre effect bridesmaid dresses might represent a vintage bloom of flowers as an overall wedding theme. In that spirit, if you need some floral inspiration for your dress, take a look on Pinterest for a wide selection of imagery.

Prachi KIran, a fashion observer and columnist, is a contributing editor at Nallu Collections. She started her career as a lifestyle reporter covering luxury goods and fashion.