Five Common Errors That Are Often Made When Designing A Logo

A company’s logo is one small detail that can make a big difference in a business. The major aim of a logo is to help a business achieve brand recognition and distinguish it from its competitors.
However, despite the importance of a logo, many businesses and companies do not place enough emphasis on it when designing their website. More often than not, this part of the website design process is left until last – leading to errors and less than impressive results.
Below are some of the most common errors that people make when designing a new logo:
Follow trends
Trends rarely last and, as a consequence, you should not design your logo based on what is hot in the market right now. A logo should be a reflection of your business and should last for a sustained period of time. Most businesses play it safe in this area by using corporate swooshes and glows, however, the most unique and engaging logos are those designed to portray your unique business identity.
Some good examples of unique logos are Coca-Cola, BMW, Nike and Adidas. These classic designs continue to appeal to customers every year – regardless of what the current trend is.
Use stock images
Logos should be original so there is nothing worse than using stock images that are already in use in several other places. Not only does it show a lack of creativity and authenticity but it also appears rushed and cheap too.
Moreover, stock images have licensing agreements which allow everyone who uses them to own their rights. This could lead to ownership problems and legal battles which would cost your business a lot of time and money.
Opt for something complicated
There is a reason why the biggest brands in the world have the simplest logos. Simple logos are easy to remember and can be easily identified. Aiming for simplicity will also help to keep your logo original, rather than looking like a cheap copy of other existing designs.
Use of special effects and colour
As mentioned above, your logo is a representation of business. If you need to spruce it up with colour and special effects then it probably is not a good logo to begin with. Colour and special effects can be used but only on a small scale. However, this cannot be substituted for creativity. Again, simplicity in this regard will help to give your logo a clear, distinct look.
Using amateurs to design your logo
Using amateurs to design your logo is one of the biggest mistakes many new companies make. Rather than spend a little extra money to get a logo done professionally, many go for the cheaper option of having a non-professional design their logo.
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