Why Should You Outsource Audio Transcription Services?

Why Should You Outsource Audio Transcription Services

There are many situations where you need to convert your audio files into a written document. Transcribing a file is not easy. If you do not have any experience in doing audio transcriptions before, it will take you a whole day just to transcribe a short recording. It will take longer if the quality of the audio is poor.

Outsourcing transcription services to reputable companies is one of the best solutions if you want to save time. Here are some of the advantages that you will gain by hiring their services.

Advantage 1: You Only Pay for What You Get

One of the downsides of hiring a dedicated staff to work on audio transcriptions is that you need to pay them a fixed salary regardless of the loads of work they receive. You are at a disadvantage when there are very few audio transcription works to take care of. Even if your dedicated staff spends most of his time sitting on the desk doing nothing, you still need to pay his monthly salary.

It is a different story when you outsource transcription services. Transcription companies usually charge by the minute or per line rather than per hour. Therefore, you can have the confidence that you will only pay for what you get, even if the recording is only a few minutes in length.

Advantage 2: It Allows You to Save Money

Aside from paying fixed monthly salaries, you also need to pay for the benefits of your dedicated staff. You don’t have to bother with these things anymore if you just outsource the transcription services to a reputable company. In fact, you can reduce the cost of transcription services by up to 30% by outsourcing.

Advantage 3: They Have Skilled and Experienced Transcriptionists

Reputable companies have skilled and experienced transcriptionists. By outsourcing transcribing tasks to them, you have the assurance that the transcripts you will receive will be in good quality. You can always expect that you will get what you have paid for, or even more.

Advantage 4: Flexibility

Another benefit of outsourcing transcription services is flexibility. Sometimes you need to make changes on transcription, depending on the situation. Once you update the transcription company, the staff will make the necessary changes without any complaints. Furthermore, you can always contact the company, since they are reachable 24/7.

Advantage 5: They Have the Tools

Another reason why you should outsource audio transcription services is that companies have the necessary tools, software and equipment needed for the task. If you decide to employ a dedicated staff, you need to invest in various tools and equipment, such as computer, software, removable disks, VCR, etc. This will only cost you more money. You don’t have to worry about these things anymore if you outsource transcription services.

Advantage 6: Ensure Accuracy

If your dedicated staff have not prior experience in transcribing audio files, you can expect that there will be errors and mistakes in the transcripts. Sometimes the quality of the audio is very poor because of certain factors, such as background noise and varying accents. It would be very difficult for an untrained ear to make a distinction between dialogues. On the other hand, the staff of audio transcription companies can do better because their ears are trained for this task.

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