Investing In Robotics Companies In The United States

Investing In Robotics Companies In The United States
For the investor, the only thing that matters is the opportunity and the assurance of returns. One of the prime areas for the investor is in the field of robotics. The encouragement from the expansion of the internet spurs the growth in this field as new firms check innovative methods of interacting with robots. Here we see how this develops and what benefits we get from this field.

Investing In Robotics Companies In The United States

 Types of Robotic Technologies

According to Jay Jacobs, CFA (Leading Companies in the Development of Robotics and AI, GLOBAL X, Nov 3, 2017), we can classify the companies dealing with this science into four groups.
  1. Unmanned Vehicles and Drones
  2. Industrial Robotics and Automation
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Non-industrial Robotics
These companies seek investment because robotics is a new, growing field with little exposure to the commercial sector. They benefit from the inflow of money that they can use for funding their research activity.
In the power generation equipment sector, one of the European companies with a deep involvement is ABB. It has fame for the Ability network that connects all the robots with the equipment. This gives the firm the method to control the working of the machines in a precise manner. The latest release from the company is the Yumi robot that has two arms.

 Robotics in the industrial sector

One of the biggest robot makers from China is Siasun. The main focus of the company is in the industrial sector. It has joined the top recently funded Robotics and automation companies in United States US Robotic Industries Association. They plan to expand their capabilities into the domestic sector by making home care robots for elderly people. 
The market for robots is growing fast in Asia and China. Kuka makes new designs for robots with a wide range of applicability. Kuka was recently acquired by Midea. Midea is the largest manufacturer of dishwashers and washing machines. We can expect to see Kuka grow fast in the coming years.

 Use of drone technology

Drone technology remains within the scope of military operations. Some commercial ventures have begun operations with drones such as making deliveries and shooting films. The growth in this sector is expected to increase ten-fold in a coming couple of years. AeroVironment develops unmanned vehicles for commercial and military purposes. The latest applications involved the survey of agricultural land and inspection of railroad tracks.
In the field of watchmaking, no one needs an introduction to Seiko, the giant in the watchmaking industry. They launched the Seiko Epson robots that they use for their watchmaking and also export this robot to other companies. They are competing with the best recently Robotics and automation companies in United States.

Faro is carrying robotic technology to a higher level through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They make software for imaging technology having high precision. This helps in the measurement of 3D objects and helps measure large environments. It can compare structures and parts to make sure they are in compliance with the design criterion.

The procurement team is busy gathering the firms in the top bracket and making investments there. Another group is nurturing companies that they feel have potential.