What A Professionally Installed XPEL Clear Bra Can Do For You

What A Professionally Installed XPEL Clear Bra Can Do For You

Whether you wish to start preserving the paint job right away on a newly purchased vehicle or need paint protection for the one you’ve been driving for years, an XPEL clear bra could be the very solution you’re searching for. By now, you’ve probably heard all the hype surrounding clear bras and are at least slightly interested in what one could do to benefit your car.

If you want the luxury of hitting the open road daily without having to worry about every possible hazard that could come your way at any moment and leave your car with surface damage, then it’s time you learn what an XPEL clear bra can do for you. After all, your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in a lifetime, and you should be able to enjoy its unblemished appearance for as long as possible.

Save You Heartache

The most obvious thing an XPEL clear bra installation will do for you is provide paint protection. First impressions are everything, which holds true when it comes to buying a car as well. More than likely, the very first thing that drew you to your vehicle was the look of its exterior. When you fall in love with the spotless, high gloss shine of a new or well-maintained vehicle it can be a real heartbreaker if it doesn’t stay that way for very long, because no one wants to end up driving around town in a car that has noticeably seen better days.

When installed correctly, paint protection films act as an invisible shield (never altering the attractive qualities of your vehicle) to block destructive elements from affecting your paint job and absorb the impact of things such as flying rocks and debris, acidic stains left behind from splattered bug bodies and harmful ultraviolet rays that cause fading. Even more impressive when it comes to XPEL clear bras specifically, are the self-healing properties that allow the film to take the brunt of surface scratches and swirl marks and then return back to its original, flawless form.

Save You Money

Another major advantage of an XPEL clear bra is its cost-effectiveness. While paint protection film may be a spendy investment initially, your return is sure to be well worth it. Even minor damages can turn out to be expensive to have removed, but a clear bra can save you from having to pay out on these costly repairs or, worse yet, a whole new paint job. An XPEL clear bra can also increase the value of a vehicle it has been professionally applied to, leading to a larger profit should you ever choose to sell.

Save You Time

Properly taking care of your car will still involve regular washing and waxing, but the low maintenance of XPEL clear bras saves you time when compared to other paint protection options. Bug shields must be frequently removed and separately cleaned, as do fabric car bras. The paint protection film can remain on your vehicle while you wash, and when installed by an expert, will not allow detergent or water to get trapped between it and the car itself.

Keep in mind that while DIY kits are an option, the best results tend to come when an XPEL clear bra is applied by a trained installer.

By Tiffany Olson

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