3 Tips For Gorgeous Hands

One part of your body that is almost always is exposed, is your hands. With the exception of gloves worn on a cold winters day, while driving your luxury sedan or formal style gloves worn with prom gowns, your hands are visible to all those around you. Here are three tips to ensure you have gorgeous hands.


It is important to wash your hands regularly. Use vegan or organic soaps to avoid allergens. Antibacterial soaps tend to remove the good bacteria, as well as the bad bacteria and can dry out your hands. Use a nail brush to remove dirt and grime that collects under your nails throughout the day. Moisturize daily with 100% hypoallergenic vegan and organic lotions; they are the best skin care products.


To keep your nails strong, healthy and attractive, drink plenty of water. In addition, trim your nails and file them regularly. Not only does this appeal to the aesthetics of your hands; it also prevents you from collecting harmful bacteria underneath your tips, protecting against fungal infections under your nail beds. Use a cuticle softener and gently cut and remove overgrown cuticles. Buff your nails, to create a natural shine.

Now it is time to polish and paint those bad boys. There is a plethora of nail polish colors and lacquers; with different finishes such as: opaque, gloss and slate. Dare to be bold with bright colors, make a statement with dark colors and keep it simple with French tip manicure polish styles. Decorating your nails with nail art, designs and actual gemstones and jewels is trending big in nail fashion right now. We are starting to see several different styles from painting all your nails a base color and then adding unique designs to each one so that no two are alike, to forgetting the base and bedazzling each nail with different colors, gems and decals. For winning nail design ideas, check out nail boards on Pinterest.


The best part of creating gorgeous hands is accessorizing. Women’s fashion jewelry has several different styles of rings. From elegant diamond solitaires to fun novelty pieces, your accessorizing possibilities are endless. Handmade jewelry is a popular growing trend. More and more unique designs and one-of-a-kind finds are being hand crafted everyday. Express your personal loves and passions with pieces that represent you. A fabulous Butterfly Ring for the butterfly lover in you, a Heart Ring that displays your affinity for its shape and what it represents or an individual piece that is unlikely to be duplicated in a friends wardrobe and accessory wear. Rings can be worn in their traditional spot at the base of your finger; however there are smaller, accent rings that are worn higher up on your phalanges, just above the knuckle. Some rings are paired in a set attached with a chain, so that one wears at the base while the other is worn above the knuckle and the chain dangles uniting the two pieces as one, jewelry statement.

Take all three of these fabulous steps to ensure that you have gorgeous hands. Remember with careers that deal with public interaction such as: waitressing, sales, baristas and real estate, your hands are one of the first things a customer notices. Make sure they are clean and fabulous.

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