Tips For Renovating Your Bathroom Effectively

Are your tiles starting to chip? Maybe the film on your mirrors can be scrubbed off anymore? It’s time for a bathroom makeover.  Following a few basic tips will help you spruce up your bathroom without wildly overspending.

Pick the Right Fixtures

Instead of installing less than pleasing to look at bathroom vanity pick a pedestal sink to create an elegant air to your bathroom. Consider a claw-foot tub to create a classic image for the room. Visiting the restroom should be a peaceful, visually-appealing experience. Leave the bargain basement budget accessories behind. Picking the right fixtures for your bathroom can boost your home’s resale value too.

Take Your Tub for a Test Run

Sit in your prospective bathtub before making a purchase. Trying out your tub gives you a real feel for how the bath will fit the contours of your body. More than one tall person has been frustrated by having to jam their feet into a tiny tub. Know that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better for your bathroom renovation. A 60 inch tub works well for most average-sized individuals. Look for a secure foothold and more than enough space to stretch out when buying a tub.

Demand neck support and comfort for the days when you just want to laze away in the tub. Make sure to buy an extra deep bath if you have little space for buying a tub. This ensures that you don’t have to cram yourself into the bath.

Think Flooring

Choosing stone, marble are ceramic tiles provides you with durable flooring in a high traffic area. Imagine how many trips each family members takes to and from the bathroom daily. Then think about all of the moisture, dirt and grime you typically track into the bathroom. This underscores the need for water-resistance, hardy flooring to withstand the demands of a high traffic and moisture-laden room.

If you want to warm the surface during frigid winter months install subfloor heating coils. A properly-sealed hardwood floor can provide the bathroom with natural warmth.

Be Fashionably Vain

Hanging a fashionable, stylish mirror can add a nice finishing touch to an already impressive bathroom. Before you renovate visualize the overall décor of the room. Consider placing a wall-mounted adjustable makeup mirror in your revamped bathroom for a quick touch up or 2. Jazz up your shower stall by installing a lighted mirrored shaving spot inside the shower area. Save yourself time by shaving and showering at once.

Buy on a Budget

You don’t want to cheap out but consider setting up a budget for your bathroom renovation. You can purchase quality hardware for your bathroom without breaking the bank or going into debt for years. Fixing your bathroom can add to your home’s resale value but only if the changes made are required. Don’t overspend to keep up with the neighbors. Make a sound investment in your bathroom for your pleasure and to add to the value of your home.

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