Live in an Apartment? 4 Cost-Effective Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

The summer heat can be unbearable in apartments. With no modifications allowed outside the lease agreement, residents must rely on creativity to stay cool. It’s equally important to be budget-conscious about methods chosen. The best results rely on traditional methods to cool down inside and out.

Drink Ice Water

Feeling cool in an apartment begins with feeling cool internally. When the body’s organs are cool, it cools the outside. Drink ice water as many times as needed. If water isn’t satisfying, sip on iced tea or flavored ice water. An odd, yet successful, trick is to drink hot tea. Hot tea forces sweat out of the body so the insides are cool. Likewise, eating cold foods such as watermelon and ice cream or applying cucumber to the eyes will cool the insides down just as good as water.

Take Cold Baths and Showers

Drop hot baths and showers during the summer and embrace cold baths and showers instead. A cold bath from the start can be jarring to a sweaty body, so start with lukewarm water and incorporate cold water during the bath/shower. Give it five seconds after the shower/bath for the pleasantly satisfying result lasting a few hours. The cool mist keeps the apartment cool too. Try this routine twice a day.

Close and Cover Windows

When windows remain open and uncovered during the day, unwanted heat enters the room along with unwanted sunlight. Mix this with the current heat in the house and it becomes unbearable. To remedy this, close all windows. Then, cover windows with blinds, curtains, treatments, valences, or draperies. The best window covering is light-colored fabrics, insulated curtains, or UV-protected curtains. Only uncover and open windows at night for the cool breeze.

Buy a Portable Air Conditioner

Most apartments have one air conditioner available per room, per unit, or per floor. Portable air conditioners are an equally acceptable option. Regardless, a professional is necessary to ensure the air conditioner is functioning properly. It’s best to check before the unbearable heat arrives. Additionally, change the air filter before first use if the professional didn’t do it already.
Never sit and sleep in a hot apartment again. Whether the apartment is upstairs, downstairs, or at the center, these tips will keep your apartment area cool. The good news is these methods work in newer and older apartments. An optional solution is including portable fans, ceiling fans, and ventilation methods for good air circulation and air distribution.