6 Reasons Why You Deserve Premier Care In Bathing

6 Reasons Why You Deserve Premier Care In Bathing

In an effort to help elderly people and those with disability or mobility issues, walk-in baths, such as those from Premier Care are ideal. These items are all customizable with features and safety equipment to ensure the absolute comfort and confidence that a person of age needs to feel safe bathing alone. The process of selecting, purchasing and having the installation completed is very simple, which helps to put the minds of family members at ease.


An elderly or disabled person often feels insecure about getting in and out of a bathtub on their own. With a walk-in option, the ability to have necessary grips and assistance devices is there to regain a sense of security. The floors of these units are designed to be slip resistant, even on wet, bare feet. The worry of falling and becoming injured goes away almost immediately, and reduces after just the first use. Maintaining proper hygiene is important and helps to prevent skin irritation, topical bacterial infections and other skin-born ailments.

Maintained Independence

Giving up independence is something that nearly all aging citizens fear. Many are stubborn and insist that they can do something themselves. This is the case when it comes to bathing or showering as well. The thought of having to hire someone for elder care and assist with taking a bath or shower is frustrating to those with disabilities or are growing older in age. The fact that a walk-in tub or shower option is available gives that independence back. It is a safer option and the risk of injury is minimal.


With the varying types of tub structures to choose from, a feeling of absolute luxury is a possibility. Bodies easily get tired as people age. It is often rejuvenating and refreshing to take a bath where your body is massaged by jets or the temperature of the water can be regulated. Getting in and out of a spa or hot tub can be dangerous, but there are options available to put these features right into a walk-in bathing station.

Ease of Use

Premier Care tubs and showers are very easy to operate. Users can elect to have a door that opens either inward or outward. The controls can be either dials or buttons, depending on the style chosen, so that those with limited strength are able to operate the water and other features without assistance.

Customization Options

Depending on the needs of each person, the options of the tub can be customized. This means that additional gripping mechanisms can be added, heat control features and hanging gripping devices can be installed. Configurations can also be changed based upon the needs of the customer.

Options Available

The variety of options available allows a person with disabilities or mobility issues to select the most comforting option possible with the features that they need. Some may prefer a simple unit while others may prefer a whirlpool style or regulated temperature option. To accommodate bathrooms with limited spaces, a compact option is available that still provides enough room to maneuver freely.

For an elderly person or someone with disability/mobility issues, a walk-in bathing station provides a sense of security and a new sense of independence. If cost is an issue, you can look into government assistance programs and Medicare assistance options that can help reduce the cost as this is seen as a necessary medical expense. The reduction of accident or falling potential is one of the main reasons that many elderly persons choose to have a walk-in option installed in their bathrooms while reducing worry and added stress on family members.