5 Great SEO Tips

Your visibility and your accessibility to your customers and clients is crucial to your success as a business. Here are five search engine optimisation tips to help your site stand out in search engines.
1. The basics : Good on page SEO
Making your site user-friendly and visually attractive is the first step. Ensure that you have things like page load speed, clean coding, image optimisation, and internal linking structure taken care of properly. These things may be old school but as important now as it ever was
2. Good Links
Your site should have high quality links that are sourced naturally and relevant to the content on your site. Links are crucial to your ranking power, as search engines consider them as ‘third-party’ votes for your site, they lend you credibility.
3. Great content
Content is what makes your website what it is. All the other things you do for your website should serve to support your content. You should have high quality, highly relevant content on your website. Google like this, and great content attracts links.
4. Go Local
If you are a local business, target web users and consumers in your area. They are likely to be your most relevant customers, and the easiest to convert. Google loves listing localised results so local rankings happen more quickly and more effectively.
5. Google Authorship
Google needs to know which content to trust – and authorship is becoming more and more heavily relied upon, so it is worth your while to set this up properly.
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