Why Does One Need An Injury Lawyer?

Whether you are involved in a motor accident or suffered due to medical negligence, a personal injury lawyer might help you get the compensation you need. Statistically, over three million people get injured in accidents each year. We aren’t talking about just road accidents but accidents at work or outdoors. What if a gas pipe leaks and you or your loved ones are permanently disabled by inhaling those poisonous gas fumes? What if you had to go through a case of medical negligence?

Did you know that in a case of medical malpractice, doctors operated on the wrong side of the patient’s brain? We aren’t talking about a single instance alone. No matter how you have been injured and how much trauma and stress you have had to face, there are a number of instances that just make us feel that we need a personal injury lawyer.

So, what does your Personal Injury Lawyer need to know when you go to him?

Firstly, it is important to tell your solicitor about the exact events. Do not forget to mention the date and time of the accident. How did it happen? If you have any contact details of the witnesses, forward it to him. If you have been injured, tell the details of the injuries. If you had to go to hospital for treatment, forward all relevant documents like medical expenses and medical diagnosis. Your solicitor might want to know if you had to miss work as that might affect the compensation claim. You can get significantly higher compensation if you can show to the judge that you had loss of earnings either because if being unable to go to work because of injury or because of being impaired for that period of time.

You might also want to tell your solicitor if you are a trade union member as this might help you pay less. Do not forget to bring in any documents that you feel might support your claim as this will help your personal injury lawyer to better understand and frame the case.

How can a Denver Injury Lawyer help?

Your Denver injury lawyer will tell you just how much chance you have with your case to succeed. He will decide the proper amount of compensation to claim by looking at all the relevant factors. The amount of compensation that you should claim is a hard figure to decide and depends upon case to case. No lawyer can guarantee you that you would be able to get the compensation you are claiming for but a good lawyer will help you get the maximum amount of compensation.

Your personal injury lawyer will be able to also guide you about how long the entire process might take. You should ask for regular progress reports from your lawyer. Remember to ask your Denver personal injury lawyer about estimate costs and agree on some spending limits.

Your Denver personal injury lawyer will at first sent a claim letter to the defendant, who will have to reply within a fixed period, that is normally around three months from the date of receipt of the letter. Of course, if the defendant accepts their liability, you can settle the matter out of the court and save on court fees.