Office Furniture: An Investment Every Startup Law Firm Must Consider

Investing on office furniture is one of the many things that startup law firms always consider. Apart from office supplies needed for their daily operations, lawyers looking to start a new legal practice, either single or multiple specialties, often search for the best equipment and furniture to fill up their existing office space. Apart from necessity, adding furniture provides for a professional vibe that is expected of a law firm. Another way to put it is that an office space should be dressed up with the best wooden desks, chairs, and overall setup to impress prospective clients. Practicality, however, is often a key component in this aspect of building a reputable law firm. As it is, the decision to invest on office furniture often hinges on the budget that attorneys have. If they have limited budget but find it necessary to fill up the space with furniture, they could rent instead of buy brand new ones. They won’t need to worry about paying them on a monthly basis; as the startup law firm works on clients’ cases, they would steadily incur enough finances to invest on furniture upgrades. If in case they have the budget to invest on furniture, they could find the best deals and discounts by browsing through the Internet for reviews of the best furniture to purchase or through catalogs of office essentials. Speaking of office essentials, here are some of the must-have furniture that startup law firms must invest on:

  • Office desks. The bulk of performing work on a daily basis occurs mainly on the workstation. The desks must be roomy—attorneys have the tendency to use up as much space on their desks as possible. Likewise, the desks must be efficient—not only should it have a desktop to place the PC unit and the telephone, but must also have a drawer to place other office essentials. Whether it is a single desk or another desk on the side to accommodate for the PC unit depends on what the attorneys want as their ideal workspace.
  • Office chairs. Obviously, these are very important furniture, as most workdays are spent sitting while writing, taking calls from clients, or using the computer to type demand drafts and the like. Whether they have armrests or not, these chairs do have rolling wheels for easy pushing and pulling. A key feature of such furniture is its ergonomic design; its height can be adjusted in relation to the desk, providing attorneys with enough leg room. In addition, it should support the back fully, preventing individuals from strain. Other chairs that can be bought for the office include those with legs, which can be used inside conference rooms and other purposes.
  • Cabinets and shelves. Whether it is made of wood or plastic or whatever the height is, any of these essential furniture items require a reasonable amount of office space. Cabinets are used to store office supplies, while shelves are used to store books and journals for an accessible library.
  • Lobby furniture. Visitors need a place to stay for a while upon entering the office, so furniture at the waiting area is essential. These include bench and/or single sofas, table tops, and magazine racks, to name a few.

The abovementioned office furniture essentials would surely benefit a startup legal firm in a lot of ways. Indeed, adding furniture doesn’t only beautify the office, but also function in a way that exudes legal professionalism all over.  If you are planning to open your own law firm soon, make sure to invest on quality furniture to ensure your business’ growth and to pump everyone’s motivation.