Why Service Boiler?

Types of Boilers

There is three main types of boilers listed below:

·         Gas boiler

·         Oil boiler

·         Solid-fuel boiler

Each boiler type will require a different type of service, but mostly importantly they will also require at least an annual service to ensure the safety of your home and the people that live there.

Signs that your boiler needs to be serviced outside of the annual service

·         An irregular or yellow boiler flame

·         Stains or smoke marks appearing on or near the appliance

·         Hot water has limited flow or is less hot than it should be

·         Boiler refilling and/or overheating frequently

·         Boiler fan makes loud noises

·         The boiler pilot light goes out repeatedly

·         The pressure drops

Why have your Boiler Serviced?

Breakdowns are costly and annoying at any point in the year, and especially near Christmas. Although gas leaks in boilers are very rare, the effects of a faulty gas appliance can also be fatal. Carbon monoxide is a gas that kills. Instead of putting your household at risk, it is advisable to get your boiler and other appliance services once a year at least.

Being November, this is the time of year that most people are starting to switch on their heating and fire up their boilers to stop the cold weather inside the home.  This is increase business significantly for boiler companies, who have doubled their workload with calls outs for annual services, boiler checks and gas appliances to ensure they are safe in the home.

This is a service that most boiler companies offer in their packages. British Gas being one of these companies, as the largest boiler installation company in the UK. British Gas prices start from £79.30 per year for calls out and servicing. As always it is best to get at least five quotes to ensure you are getting the most for your money.

Reasons to have your Boiler Serviced?

·         A boiler service can also leave you with more money in your pocket for the following year. As the service is also a way to make sure that the boiler is running efficiently, ensuring that you are not being charged for the boiler that you are using. It will also make sure that the boiler is heating up as quickly as possible and holding the heat in the water through the pipes.

·         Saving money on repairs. Typically a broken boiler will have started from a minor fault, if this has of been repaired by an engineer then they breakdown may have been avoided. Having regular services ensuring that these minor faults are picked up.

·         If you are a landlord then it is the law to have your boiler checked in each property that you are leasing out. This legal responsibility includes ensuring that each property has a Gas Safety Register and CP12 Inspection Certificate to prove that it has been checked by a qualified engineer.

What will happen on the Appointment?

On the appointment they will check the follow:

·         We check your gas pressure to make sure it’s right.

·         We test your flue to make sure your appliance isn’t leaking carbon monoxide.

·         We inspect your appliance and its controls to make sure they’re safe.

·         We take a look at your appliance to check for any wear or leaks.

·         We give you a checklist so you can find out more about your appliance’s safety

·         The overall physical condition of the appliance, including pipework.

·         Performance tests using a gas analyzer ensuring that any remedial action is taken