Why Doing A PPC Audit Is Essential For Any Business?

PPC Audit

Starting a Pay-Per Click (PPC) campaign is the best way to highlight your business specialties and drive more internet traffic to your online site. This facilitates businesses to target their products and services to the prospective clients and boost profits and progress. Meticulous planning of a PPC campaign and clinical execution of it translate into a host of rich benefits to the business. This optimizes the online presence, streamlines brand promotion and lets a small and medium enterprise (SME) competes with the established players.

A company in order to gain maximum benefits from its PPC campaign should take care to get PPC campaign audit done by experts. This helps the manager find out loopholes in their PPC campaign and discover areas that need improvement. Periodic or regular audit of your PPC campaign will help you gain insights into the performance of your campaign against various factors and will enable you avoid costly mistakes.

Marketers use a highly efficient google adwords audit tool like Wordstream’s AdWords Performance Grader that is a free tool used for grading the performance of your Google AdWords account.

Why Doing A PPC Audit Is Essential For Any Business?

Here is a checklist of various factors or key metrics that are used to determine the overall performance of your PPC campaign.

#1 Use of Negative Keywords

Keywords and their placement in text ads play a very important role in delivering the right message and enticing target customers. The PPC audit tool will evaluate the performance of your account in terms of wasted spend that could be saved by including more negative keywords. The tool compares the PPC accounts of other advertisers (businesses) in the same bracket of ad-spend and then provides the grading report.

#2 Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Click-through rate is the ratio of the number of visitors who click on your site or link compared to the total number of people who view the page or link. This gives a true picture of the performance of your keywords and ads. The tool will help you find out those ads and keywords that are performing and those that need improvement.

#3 Quality Score

Google provides rating of the quality of keywords and your PPC ads. This score determines your cost per click (CPC) and when multiplied by your maximum bid, it determines your ad rank in the ad auction process. When you get better quality score then it means that your ads get a higher ranking and you need to spend a lower cost.

#4 Long-tail keyword optimization

Long tail keywords play a crucial role in driving serious online visitors at a low cost. All PPC experts suggest including them in order to lower your cost per click and improve your ad and keywords quality score. The google Adword audit tool will let you know the scope of adding more long tail keywords in your ad campaign.

#5 PPC account activity

The time spent on PPC account is another important metric that is graded or evaluated by the audit tool. The more time the advertisers spend on their PPC accounts, the better PPC success they are likely to get.

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#6. Optimization of landing pages

Landing pages are those that drive the online visitors to the offered products and services and facilitate them get the desired information at the real time. When your PPC account has a variety of landing pages then it is likely to increase conversions and attract a high quality score. You can consider optimising landing pages that will provide you maximum benefits.

#7. Ad text optimization

The structure of your text ad is what matters most to your PPC performance. The audit tool reviews practices. the performance of your text ads that will give you a fair idea for its optimization.

Getting your PPC audit done by certified Google AdWords management agency will let your brand promotion to new heights and will provide you maximum benefits.

To Conclude

PPC audit is essential to get comprehensive information about the effectiveness of any PC campaign. It gives a fair idea to the advertisers or managers as what could be lacking in a PPC campaign that needed to be improved or modified for getting the best results.