Things To Look For When Choosing A Care Home

Things To Look For When Choosing A Care Home

Making the incredibly difficult decision to place your loved one in a care home comes with great deliberation. After thinking through the pros and cons of assisted living you‘re likely to admit that you can’t do it on your own. Forgive yourself. It’s OK to go the care home room route because assisted living facilities offer caring, skilled staffs which can meet your parent’s every need.

Ask the Right Questions

Care home workers should be able to answer specific questions regarding their facilities. Asking effective questions ensures that you’re picking the right home for your loved one’s needs. Inquire into areas where residents can go outside on their own in a secure spots. Can visitors or family members take residents outside? How frequently do caregivers take your loved ones outside?

Check to see if pets are allowed. Your mom or dad may feel better with their beloved dog or cat hanging around the home. Ask about security measures. Since units may be locked down to prevent individuals suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s from wandering outside into a dangerous situation.

How many beds are available in the facility? When are visiting hours? Get clear on these questions to find the right care home for your loved one.

Visit Resident Rooms

Get a feel for resident rooms. Since your loved one will be spending much time in their room make sure it’s a high energy, positive space. Look for well-lit, cheerful, attractive rooms. Residents should have access to a call bell beside their bed in case of an emergency. Check for 1 or 2 windows. Being able to see the sunlight provides an instant mood builder when residents are feeling down.

Look for ample storage space so your mom or dad can stow away their possessions. Also check for a water pitcher and make sure it’s within easy reach. Each room should be big enough to accommodate wheelchair bound individuals.


Look for a pleasing, neat dining environment. Meals should be appetizing, nutritious and served on time. See if residents who need help with eating are being assisted. Ask if you can eat with your loved ones when visiting.

Resident Activity

One of the best ways to judge a home care facility is by observing current residents. Do residents look clean and well-kempt?  Ask how many times your mom or dad receives a shower each week.  Stroll through the grounds to see people in and out of their rooms to get a feel for life around home. If residents appear to be well-dressed for both the time of day and season then the staff has things in order. If however you see people in shorts and tank tops during cold winter months – when the heat is out – you may want to re-think moving your loved one to this home.

See if residents are engaged in social activities or are sitting alone in their room, or outside in the hallway. Staff should be interacting with residents throughout the day to build bonds between residents and workers.