Doing Your Mobile Marketing Campaign Right

Mobile phones certainly aren’t what they used to be; they are TVs, computers, radios and so much more. And, because of their ever-increasing presence in our lives, marketing via text message is becoming a great way to reach out to customers, and increase sales. But, like any marketing method, simply blasting your products and services is not enough to garner interest. The core principles of successful marketing apply, and must be tailored to this specific medium for optimal effectiveness. Here are just a few helpful tips to get you started:

Make Sure Your Messages are Getting to the Right People

It doesn’t matter how many people see a marketing message if they are not the right audience. If you are like many businesses, you probably have at least a few distinct segments of customers, and you must take this into account when putting together your campaign. Before you start blasting texts, ensure the message being delivered is relevant to that contact. Review purchase histories, demographics, and any other information in your possession that will aid you in targeting your campaign.

Timing Considerations

When it comes to timing, there are two different things you want to consider. First, messages that have some sort of offer with an expiration date tend to be more effective than open-ended messages. You want to create a ‘sense of urgency’ and inspire the recipient to act now.

Second, when you deliver your messages can have a big impact on response. You might consider sending a message right after a person has made a purchase, enticing them with other products and services that may be of interest. The day and times of the week are also a consideration.  Mondays have been shown to have poor response rates, likely because marketing on weekends tends to take a dive, and users are often bombarded with information at the start of the week. If your target audience is likely to be a typical 9-5 workers, sending texts during common commuting hours may not be the best bet.

This is one of the reasons tracking your campaign is crucial—it will help you identify response patterns, and you can tweak accordingly.

Short, Sweet and to the Point

Considering most carriers only allow you 160 characters, you are already being forced to craft a shorter message, but don’t feel you need to use every last character, unless everything you are including is absolutely necessary. Short and sweet will work best—avoid fluff and hype. Make sure your message is clear, and prompts recipients to take whatever action it is you want them to take. For example, if you want to advertise a limited time discount, all you really need to say is “X percent off your next order. Click here. Expires Tuesday.’

Most Effective Types of Messages

No matter how you are marketing, you are clearly after one result—getting more sales. But, there are different ways to go about this, and some are more effective than others depending on the medium. If you want to use mobile marketing successfully, trying to increase awareness, or establish trust and credibility through the sharing of helpful information, is not the way to go. Mobile marketing aimed at getting a direct response is the best bet. You want to set up clear calls to action in that moment—the most effective ones are discount coupons, free giveaways and buy-one-get-one-free promotions.

Know When to Bring in the Pros

While you can certainly craft a campaign all by your lonesome, this may or may not be the best move for you personally. If your campaign is flagging, or you really have no idea where to start, it is a good idea to start researching the services of companies, such as, that have extensive experience with this particular marketing technique.