Powered Hand Dryers – The Benefits For Business

It’s probably fair to say that in the eyes of most businesses, automatic hand dryers are not what you’d call a huge priority-purchase. There are so many costs involved in running a business of any size that these are exactly the kinds of things that are viewed as anything from superfluous to inconvenient. After all, you’re quite happily using paper towels which cost next to nothing on a per-sheet basis, so why make the switch?

Well, the simple answer for those in the business world is that powered hand dryers bring along a world of benefits over and above those of simple paper towels. Slowly but surely, the vast majority of brands and businesses up and down the country are making the move away from paper towels and revelling in the plus points of the latest hand dryers on the market.

What kinds of benefits can a simple electric hand dryer bring? Quite a few, including the following:

1 – Convenience

First up, the convenience of automatic hand dryers is simply unrivalled and this applies to both the user and the business alike. In terms of those using the dryers, the benefits are self-explanatory – hands dried automatically in a matter of seconds. As for the business, convenience comes in the form of never again having to task and pay an employee to go around the bathrooms on a regular basis to top up the paper towels and empty the overflowing bins. In busy environments this can be a never-ending and rather expensive cycle to say the least, so why not kiss goodbye to all such inconveniences today and switch to hand dryers?

2 – Hygiene

If you’ve ever been told that hand dryers are less hygienic than paper towels, you’ve been misinformed. This is all the result of some random theory that was voiced decades ago with no real backing and summarily became a scare story with no merit or grounding. Since then, dozens of tests and studies have proved beyond reasonable doubt that hand dryers are capable of drying hands with just the same level of hygiene as hand towels. The fact that there’s nothing to touch between the washing and drying processes makes for an outstandingly hygienic final result.

3 – On-going Savings

Along with the costs associated with those emptying and replenishing the towels all day, it’d worth remembering that the towels themselves don’t come free of charge. Far from it in fact as while they may seem cheap in the short-term, add up how many you’ll be used over a year and things will look quite different. There are hand dryers on the market today that can reduce on-going costs by up to 95% when compared to standard paper towels. So while you might have to shell out and pay for them in the first instance, it’s nothing but savings from then on!

4 – Reduce Waste

Every business up and down the UK right now is either being encouraged to or forced to reduce the amount of waste it produces and up its recycling efforts. Needless to say, when you’re producing thousands of used paper towels every day this doesn’t exactly bode well for the environment. Even if the towels are recycled, it’s still a great deal of waste to deal with and process at the expense of the planet in general. It’s therefore something of a no-brainer to state that the obvious solution is to get rid of the paper towels entirely – as in to replace them with hand dryers. It’s one comparatively minor change that can and will add up to a massive difference over time.

5 – Less Mess

Those paper towels may in theory be destined for the garbage or the recycling bin, but as most businesses will know this isn’t always the case. Instead, they end up strewn all over the place from the kitchen to the office floor, not to mention into the bags of employees by the hundred. This all adds up to a pretty constant mess about the place the likes of which could be avoided with ease, simply by installing hand dryers in place of the paper towel dispensers.

6 – Peace of Mind

Last but not least, it’s always good to know that when you pick up a quality hand dryer from a leading brand, it comes with a long-term guarantee and the promise or aftercare and servicing when and where necessary. With only very minor maintenance and cleaning required from time to time, it’s an investment in fabulous peace of mind.