Successful Dieting: Tips And Tricks To Feeling Full Faster

Successful Dieting: Tips And Tricks To Feeling Full Faster

I have been there before – the burger staring back at you with a mirage saying, “Eat me right now or you are going to die.” We have all gorged at some point in life, but then quickly find sluggishness and pure melancholy.

Studies have shown for decades that human beings eat more psychologically than they do physically, meaning that they judge their appetites based on what they see rather than what they need. Usually, when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. Other than drinking more water, there are a few tricks to feeling full faster.

1.  Drink Water Before Each Meal

Just by drinking two 8-ounce glasses of water before each meal, you can curb your appetite. Drinking water consistently throughout the day in essential to physical functionality and health, but drinking water to curb an appetite is something different altogether. By filling up your stomach with water prior to a meal you can trim up to 100 calories per meal!

2.  Add Vinegar and Cinnamon to Your Meals

Both of these products will help regulate blood sugar after meal completion, but also have individual qualities. Cinnamon actually helps promote metabolic function and increases your ability to burn calories during the day and after each meal. Personally, I take one 1000mg cinnamon capsule each morning to jump-start my metabolism, but if you cook with cinnamon it will help you feel full longer. Vinegar cleanses the system, with many people actually taking shots in the morning or prior to bed. If you cook with it consistently, you will feel full longer.

3.  More Veggies and Water

If you don’t feel like filling yourself up with throwing back 16oz of water prior to every meal, just add more green veggies in your daily meals. When people are on diets or losing weight for body sculpting competitions, they tend to use green veggies such as green peppers and celery as “fillers” because these vegetables have about 90% water content. So even though you are chewing something, you are not consuming massive calories, sodium, or sugar.

4.  Pasta and Potatoes

You need to be careful with these two foods, as they contain starches and carbs, but they do make you full longer. If you eat pasta or potatoes during lunch, you are less likely to be hungry at night, and therefore will actually consume fewer calories throughout the entire day. Just make sure that your portions are reasonable or you may find yourself loosening the waistband and dozing off.

5.  Lean Meats Including Fish

Everyone who has attempted a diet knows that fish and chicken are the Mecca for fat-loss diet plans. Lean protein diets accompanied with veggies will slim your waist in no time, but fish in particular have something essential to a person’s health. Omega-3 fats are great for your health and skin, but they also curb long term appetites. After eating a filet of fish, you are most likely to ‘feel’ lighter, as well as full, due to the omega-3 fats contained within the fish. If you are starting a diet, buy as much fish as possible, but watch out for mercury poisoning. I recommend light fish, such as tilapia, when pursuing a diet plan.

Stay Busy and Think about Other Things

Beyonce is famous for forgetting to eat for long periods of time. Once she forgot to eat for three days because she was so passionate and engaged in what she was doing. Most of the time, we are not even hungry, but rather we are bored and looking for something to do. Unfortunately, the American standard is to accompany entertainment with food. We go to a party to eat, we go out to dinner, and we plan events around food.

If you find something to supplement your craving, such as exercise, you will find yourself feeling better over time and increase productivity and energy levels. Don’t forget to eat, but just be conscious of your decisions.

This article was written by Matthew Hall, a professional writer for Rejuve is Orlando’s premier testosterone replacement therapy center.