6 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Anxiety

6 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a subjective fear that invades our body causing us to feel discomforting emotions such as excessive concern, irritability, restlessness, and physical symptoms like sweat, blush, shakiness, muscular tension, digestive problems, etc. The sources of anxiety are diverse and plenty.  For some people, anxiety can be produced by a mean boss or a challenging test, for others, it could be speaking in public or any other complication in life. Some of us have to deal more constantly with anxiety than others, but either way, we all deal at some point with different levels of anxiety. Here are a few methods that can help us cope with anxiety and reduce its power and effect over us.

1. Essential Oils

Inhaling or massaging concentrated essences of plants is a safe and effective alternative for coping with anxiety. Essential oils are found in the seeds, roots, leaves or blossoms of the plants. They contain powerful chemical properties that can heal and relieve many symptoms and illnesses like anxiety. Essential oils can stimulate your brain, influencing mood and emotions. They also have sedative properties that can produce relaxation and help you deal effectively with anxiety.

2. Thoughts, Words and Actions

Our thoughts have the power of altering our mood. Take conscious decisions to avoid dwelling in negative self-talk and negative thoughts. The best effective way of doing that is simply by deciding to think about good things and making that a habit.

Listen to people that encourage you and make you smile. Talk to people about interesting, exciting and nice things. Avoid conversations that upset you. Do the same with actions. Despite the hectic day, look for some time to do something that may bring a smile to your face.

3. Relationships

People with anxiety tend to isolate themselves, but this only makes the anxiety worse. Loving someone and feeling loved has always proved to have a curative power. Make peace with those that matter most to you and look for their company. Allow them to know how you feel and let them know you appreciate their support. Avoid unhealthy relationships where fighting and arguing is constant, because this just aggravates the anxiety.

4. Eat Healthy

Although a diet can not cure anxiety, having a healthy diet will lead to healthy hormonal functioning and the feeling of well-being. Eat lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, plenty of water and foods rich in tryptophan because of its natural relaxation component like soy, poultry and oats.

5. Sleep Enough 

Sleeping well allows your body to rejuvenate and recover all the cell loss that occur during daytime. Enough and deep sleep causes your muscles to relax and release any tension therefore you’ll awake in a better mood and able to cope better with anxiety.

6. Exercise Regularly

Exercise doesn’t only help your body but also your mental health. Exercise releases endorphins that act as pain killers. During exercise, the body also releases a neurotransmitter called GABA, in charge of regulating neuronal excitability, it acts as an inhibitor causing the nerves to calm down and experience a state of relaxation and better response to tense or stressful moments.


Our life is a whole, each and every part of it interacts, allowing us to enjoy life or survive. Thus, we must treat any problem such as anxiety by dealing with our body, our mind and our emotions.

Using natural, botanical products such as essential oils, maintaining a good social life, keeping our mind positive, eating healthy, exercising and sleeping well may help us reduce the negative effects of anxiety. Having a healthy lifestyle will provide a right combination in your body to help you deal better with anxiety.

This article was written by Angelica Figueroa, a content writer for 21Drops. Angelica enjoys spending her free time shopping and going to the movies.