Signs That Warehouse Racks Are In Need Of Repair

There are over 1 million workplace injury claims made every year. These claims result in almost 400,000 employees who must miss some period of work while recovering. For every 1,000 workers who are injured, nearly 20 are working in the warehouse and storage industry. Although there are reports that the number of injuries in warehouses has been declining over the last decade, there are still many preventable accidents every year. One preventative step in any warehouse should include the proper maintenance and repair of the racking that is used on the floor of the facility. There are several key indicators that a particular unit might need professional attention.
Visible Damage
Any storage units in the warehouse that have visible dents or damage will need to be fixed as quickly as possible. This type of damage is often the result of a collision with a vehicle, a dropped pallet or misuse by workers. The shelving systems are designed to be durable. This durability can be compromised if one of the supporting beams is damaged. The unit will slowly become more and more dangerous to use as the minor damage places strain on other components. This could cause a catastrophic failure that places workers in direct danger. Any part that shows clear damage should be replaced immediately.
Loss Of Function
Warehouse shelving such as a gravity-fed system or an automated system will require professional attention if the unit stops functioning as intended. This could mean rollers that jam when boxes are moving towards the front of the shelf. It also includes automated systems that move slower than normal. A loss of function indicates that there could be unseen damage that stops the unit from operating normally. This could lead workers to start using unsafe and unapproved methods to circumvent the problem. These issues should be addressed immediately in order to prevent potential injuries and damaged merchandise.
Any warehouse rack that starts to show signs of instability will require repairs. Instability means it does not feel secure or moves when items are stocked or picked from the location. The instability could result from rusted connectors, unseen damage or parts that have bent out of position due to weight or heavy impacts. This problem is easy to ignore although it is very dangerous. Minor imbalances can destroy an entire shelving system over time. The weight from products on the shelves will exacerbate the source of the instability until the unit falls or breaks apart. Professionals will be able to preform rack repair in order to restore the shelving to a stable state.
Loose Components
There are many different pieces of equipment in a typical warehouse. Some of these have loose or optional parts that workers ignore. These types of loose components should never be ignored when dealing with warehouse shelving. Loose components are dangerous because they could catch on clothes, boxes or skin and cause injuries or damage to merchandise. Loose bolts, railings, rollers and supports destroy the integrity of the unit reducing the maximum weight capacity. It is important to have these issues repaired quickly so that workers are able to use the unit safely.

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