How To Wear This Seasons Trends

How To Wear This Seasons Trends

We’re at that time of year where as the weather changes, so does fashion. If you’re someone that keeps up with the latest fashion trends you’ll know that Spring/Summer 2014 is quite different to what Winter gave us and the new trends are already starting to make their way through. As with any new trends you’ll need to work out how you are going to style it to best suit you, your needs and your personal style. Some people choose to drape their selves in the latest fashions where as others like to just have an odd piece here and there, neither way is better than the other. So with so many changing trends for the up and coming season, how could you be wearing them?

It isn’t all about Heels

There are plenty of females that breathe a sigh of relief when they realise that this season is all about the flat shoe. A lot of this seasons trend is about being comfortable and footwear is no example. Shoes that are coming into play include long length boots and brogues – if you have either of these in your shoe rack then you’re doing well. The good news is that all of these flat shoes are comfortable to wear so you no longer have to worry about taking a spare pair of shoes with you when you go out  because you’ll already be wearing flat, comfortable shoes.

It’s A Man’s World

Another trend for this season that uses comfort as its main selling point is the trend for wearing sportswear. The ‘sports-luxe’ trend is going strong and looks set to continue throughout the whole season. Of course you don’t have to go out dressed like a footballer to be on point with this trend, instead you can give a nod to it – an oversized sports shirt with a fitted pencil skirt for example. This is one trend that can seem a little odd to wear at first, probably because we’re not used to on-trend fashions being so easy and so comfortable to wear. That said, if you play around with it there are so many ways to wear this that there is bound to be something that suits you.

It’s All White

Crisp, fresh colours are going to play a big part in what people are wearing this season and white is no exception to this. You’ll find a lot of white in clothing choices but you’ll also see different textures within this trend – so for example wearing a lace top with a chiffon skirt. We haven’t really seen this big mix of textures in material before but it is definitely something that is going to continue strong throughout the rest of the Spring/Summer season.

Pretty Pastels

Alongside the need for crisp, fresh colours will be a pastel trend which is already starting to show through this year. There will be loads of pastel colours on offer for this fashion season – with pretty skirts and pale coloured tops to match. The good news with this trend is that it isn’t too bold and over powerful, so it is a trend that should be wearable by almost anyone!

Be Bright and Bold

In complete contrast to the trend for wearing pastels, you’ll also see loads of bold prints and colourful patterns making their way onto the high street. It can seem scary to wear something so bright if you are not used to this, but you should find that there are different ways to wear this so you can style it in a way to suit you. Within this trend there will also be a fashion for wearing big, bold prints that actually clash with each other – but you might want to work yourself up a little before you start wearing this.

So there you have it – how you can dress for 2014. There are so many easy ways to incorporate this year’s fashion trends into your wardrobe. You can go for pretty pastels or bold prints and then the good news is that you can wear comfortable shoes throughout the whole season, which is a welcomed trend for many!

My name is Nicola and I have interests in fashion, design, fitness and beauty products.